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What is the most graphic film you have watched?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 10th, 2013

I was kicking it with a friend and we put on an anime film Dante’s Inferno. He said he was never able to finish it because it was too graphic. I was taken aback.

I wondered why. I didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

So I’m asking y’all tell me what and why a movie left such a strong impression on you.

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I can’t remember the name of the film, but it was the true story of a family that was traumatized by false accusations of child abuse. They first took away the kid(s) and threatened, cajoled, and coerced them into saying that their mother (I think) beat them. Once they had the “confession” they threw the mom into jail where she was raped by other prisoners. Eventually she was freed and the charges were reversed, but the whole ordeal traumatized this family.

What bothered me is that it is a true story, and if it happened to these people, it could happen to me. I never could watch it. Just reading the cover on the video was too much for me.

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Not really a movie. More like a couple of dudes back in the 90s took a video camera to homeless camps and paid the bums are few bucks to beat the shit out of each other.

I’m pretty sure the guys who made the movie were eventually arrested.

I think in some ways it was more graphic than a couple of snuff films I’ve seen out of brutal curiosity. (never ever ever a murder. They were suicides caught on live news broadcasts)

and if the NSA is watching, I totally destroyed that tape like ten years ago. For real

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Well, one murder, if you count the Kennedy assassination. But everyone’s seen that.

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Tetsuo: the Iron Man.

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As a general category, movies about serial killing are off my watch list. I think my squeamishness began with “Silence of the Lambs” and was recently reconfirmed during “Infamous,” the otherwise extremely watchable film about Truman Capote researching for his book “In Cold Book.” I literally had to close my eyes during the horribly graphic scene recreating the senseless Clutter family murders. For my taste, this and other such movies, regardless of how well made they may be, have become unnecessarily violent – no longer art imitating life but rather just life I don’t want to experience.

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“Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.”

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I can watch pretty much anything without getting disgusted or being disturbed, however, for some reason I cannot watch Natural Born Killers. It gives me really bad anxiety and I don’t know why.

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^ Oliver Stone intended it to have that effect.

He used various film stock, various frame rates and all manner of filters.

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The Passion Of The Christ was exactly as one reviewer described it:

“The violence is at first shocking, then hilarious, then exhausting.”

Going to a film you don’t want to see for the sake of someone who does is true love.

I’m totally over Mel Gibson’s King of Pain schtick.

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@SecondHandStoke Well then, kudos to Oliver Stone. Well done!
I now hate Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis as a result.

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(Really NSFW) Two girls one cup. Women eating each others shit. once seen it can never be unseen…don’t watch it is nasty.

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^Ohhhhhh yuck! I refuse to watch that. Just hearing about it is disgusting enough.

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Nothing, 8mm (about snuff films) bothered me a little but I watched it.

@talljasperman I’m with you, some of that stuff is nasty. I made some college peeps take out their bestiality porn, sick freaks.

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That Siberian film, or whatever it’s called.

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^ Been there, done that.

The Passion was infinitely more offensive.

A Serbian Film.

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Tetsuo: The Iron Man made Eraserhead look like My Little Pony.

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This was the most “graphic” film I ever saw:

You all can take it, trust me.

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A Serbian Film, I suppose I could nominate that, but it was completely ridiculous. Is it even possible to rape a man in the eye and pierce his brain with your erection?

I guess I’d have to go for Faces of Death, which is basically just a footage of people getting killed. It’s graphic because that’s all the movie is, death scenes. Not really a movie at all. This other thing I saw, forgot what the title was, it shows experiments performed on war prisoners in Japan during WWII. The thing lasted two hours, I watched about 15 minutes of it. :/ What disturbed me the most about it was what I was hearing, rather than seeing. These are apparently all real footage, and hearing a man scream when getting hurt and killed is not the same as in a movie.

Cannibal Holocaust also comes to mind. The whole movie isn’t just violence, but the violent parts are disturbing, The ones that show animals getting killed. As I understand it, the animals were really killed. One might wonder why the ’‘special effects’’ on the animals look so much ’‘better’’ than the when the humans get messed up.

There are a few more that push it, like Street Trash. It’s a horror-comedy movie about some bums, and a drink that melts you when you drink it. There’s a bunch of mini stories about the bums, and the special drink seems to be the center element. The producer said he wanted to offend every single person on the planet with this. It’s funny as hell though. Although the special effects are kinda sucky by today’s standard, it is a very graphic movie.
Also, this movie called Blood Sucking Freaks, about these tow dudes who capture women and make them their slaves, and torture and kill them. There are some rather hardcore scenes in this one. It’s a bit of a shock value job though. Watching it a second time, I thought it was utterly boring. Worth owning though, if you’re an amateur horror collector.

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^ @Symbeline has been in my DVD collection again…

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@SecondHandStoke I love Eraserhead. :)

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Me toos.

Also Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive.

I think the Lost Highway soundtrack is a masterpiece, GO TRENT!

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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is not the most graphic I have seen but it was the hardest to watch.

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Back in the early ‘80’s I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was really disturbing at the time although it may be mild by today’s standards.

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Rocky Horror’s just your average Fluther pancake party.


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Times have changed. It embraced every one of societies then “taboos” and I wasn’t ready for it.

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I haven’t seen most of these movies. But thanks for sharing. It is interesting the things people find most disturbing.

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Gosh you guys.  I think the roughest I’ve see are Saw the First, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1000 Corpses.  I read up on Serbian film and Human Centipede and decided they were probably more than I could take.

I tried to track down a copy of Titicut Follies a few years ago but couldn’t find it.

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@SecondHandStoke Yeah, Lost Highway is great. Mind you, I don’t understand a dang thing, but it’s a cool movie. The beginning is real freaky.

@fundevogel TCM is a pretty graphic movie, though. Not just in violence, but in imagery, too. Freaky ass house and everything, plus that crazy ass scene when the girl is tied up and they’re tormenting her…plus that creepy old grandpa. Gawd. This movie is great. :)
I mean the original one, but the remake and its prequel are pretty good too

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Hostel, Midnight Meat Train, and some of the SAW movies were pretty graphic, in my opinion.

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edited by me.

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@Blackberry A Serbian Film, i believe it is called. Never watched it, never will. I draw the line at child rape as entertainment, no matter how fake it is.

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@Bluefreedom Oh, you have go to watch City of the Living Dead—girl literally spews up her guts. Also, Inside, a French thing that runs red with blood.

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@Berserker “Blood Sucking Freaks,” Try watching the brain scene while drinking a thick strawberry milkshake through a straw!

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I don’t even know where to start, there’s so much graphic stuff out there. Italian zombie movies come to mind, so does Nekromantik, Inside, Flower of Flesh and Blood, and god knows how many others. Spoilt for choice, really.

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@fundevogel Human Centipede is just gross, not really scary. A Serbian Film apparently features simulated child rape so is best avoided.

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