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Where is the Zeitgeist going?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) November 11th, 2013

Isn’t it amazing how rapidly it changes now? I suppose that is due to the influence of mass communications and the Internet. Ideas that used to take centuries to come to full bloom can now sweep around the world faster than a flu epidemic. Which ones are coming next. Where is the Zeitgeist going?

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For a second I thought you were referring to Zeitgeist The Movie

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@Rarebear. Zeitgeist the movie was quite interesting and sometimes enlightening.

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I think this and this sum up today’s zeitgeist pretty well. So here are my predictions for the near future.

-Rich people will ride horses to work; poor people will ride hobby horses and clip a fan to their collar so it looks like the wind is blowing in their hair. Rebellious rich kids will wear horse costumes.

-Street fashion will be based on ancient Egypt and the Baroque era. Everyone will have huge headdresses, and they’ll reminisce about the good old days of 5000 years ago.

-Our biggest pop band will be a bunch of middle-aged adult babies, on acid.

-Every young person will be a liberal arts major.

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Lol @Haleth can’t beat that.

There are a couple of zeitgiest pages like this one.

This one has a rather dimview of societies movement that leads to this conclusion.

Once you are willing to acceptthis as anintellectual framework, higher taxes on the rich (the lucky genetic elite) and income redistribution havea strong scientific basis, and make a lot of sense. All humans are morally equal, and so if talent is innate and unequally distributed (through no fault of your own), justice requires that we fix the problem. But income redistribution is noteconomically sustainable. So instead of taxing people with the genes that lead to success in the modern world, why not let anyone change their genes to better fit the world (and subsidize this for anyone who can’t afford it)? In other words, human-directed evolution is the only viable long term approach.

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We will all live in the virtual world because the real world is so f*£$*d up.

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Truth is beginning to speak for itself. That will make some folk really uncomfortable.

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@Rarebear & @Bluefreedom I haven’t seen the movie. Should do so?

@Haleth Nice guesses, and truly fascinating, but this is really what the Foxes say.

@Unbroken Thanks. Very interesting info. Here’s a working link for The Zeitgeist Movement. I think the judgements articulated in the second link are as yet unfounded. Conjecture, and not very pleasant conjecture at that.

@flutherother Yes and it’s the lust for $ and £ that got it that way.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I sincerely hope you are right.

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@ETpro. I would definitely recommend seeing it but would also advise you to keep an open mind about some of the subjects that are covered. There are some conspiracy-theory based elements in it.

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@Bluefreedom Humm. That sounds like half-hearted yes. I’t piqued my interest.

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People staring on their smart phones when riding the train or bus.

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@mattbrowne That’s where it is. The question is where is it going?

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@ETpro – The virtualization of real life. Smart phones are just the beginning. Then it’s Google Glass. Then it’s haptic body suits. Good for the climate, maybe bad for society.

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How soon till we just port a massively parallel network, jacked into the Internet, into the human brain? Where does that take the Zeitgeist?

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We’ll see…

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@mattbrowne Perhaps we will, withing even my lifetime.

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