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Ladies: Do you wear Uggs or similar style boots?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 11th, 2013

I was never interested in Uggs or similar style boots. I feel like they’re ugly, and make women look like they have monster feet. I know they’ve been trendy for a few years now and everyone seems to have them. I don’t necessarily follow trends so this never affected me. Today, my neighbor told me she has some Ugg style boots (not real Uggs) and she said she loves them and they’re so comfortable.

Do you wear Uggs (or Uggs-style) boots? Do you love them?

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I think they’re hideous. I’ve never worn them. I have, however, observed many, many young women trying to trudge around campus in them, despite the fact that the Uggs’ poor support makes it look like they have some sort of ankle deformation.

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I live in Southern California, and most of the girls who wear Uggs, wear them with Daisy Duke syle short shorts. It looks so ridiculous. In general, I think they’re pretty ugly, because it does make your feet look huge.

But If I lived in a cold climate, and I had a layered look like This then I think they look OK. I realize that those are not Uggs, but they’d be OK. I loved most of the outfits worn by Emma Watson in the final Harry Potter episode, most of which would look OK with Uggs.

They should never be worn with shorts and tights, or with skirts and never in warm weather.

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I don’t wear them. I have a friend who says they are very comfortable. It’s not really my style, but if I lived again in a very cold climate I might consider them.

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As someone who lives in a cold climate… they are not what you want to wear in the snow. I’ve seen a number of hilarious pratfalls in Uggs.

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I have a pair of Ugg-style boots that I like to wear in the fall/winter because they go with a lot of different outfits and keep my feet nice and warm (in the cold, not the rain or the snow!) I know some people aren’t a fan of them, but I personally like them. I also happen to be a teenage girl, so that might have something to do with it…

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I have a pair of black ones that are 9 years old. I do wear them occasionally in the very cold weather (without socks). They keep my feet warm.

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I live in Florida. People who wear Uggs are asking to be laughed at.

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Yep, I have a pair every year, the old ones became the barn boots. haha
I live in the hills/mountains and they are very cozy, comfy and warm.
I have had every color under the sun, the ones I have now are tan with sheepskin trim, they are also great to just slip on barefoot for a quick run outside.

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I just don’t like them, there are many other better options for boots. I do agree they are warm and fuzzy for winter time but I won’t be comfortable wearing it out. I just find it ridiculous when people where them with short skirts!

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They look comfortable and squishy, like house slippers. They’re about as attractive as house slippers, too. When I was in college a lot of girls wore them with sweat pants and unwashed hair in a messy bun..

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Yup, I have them in every color. They are very comfy but impossible to wear in the rain/snow. I wear a size 7 so they don’t look huge :)

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My daughter can’t take them off. I’ve stopped noticing them.

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Hate them! I hear they’re super comfortable but I could never justify paying $100 minimum to wear glorified house slippers. I don’t mind it so much when people wear them with sweats and a t-shirt, because at least they accept the Uggs for what they are. What is worse, to me, is when girls wear a perfectly good outfit (nice dress, tights, etc.) ...and then they just throw on Uggs. Or when they wear them in the middle of summer. Just…why?

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@Fly; Given the age of my Uggs, I can now prorate them at a cost of $10 a year. And since my feet have stopped growing, I’ll get a few more years out of them (Uggs and not feet.)

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No, I have never tried them

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But… they are house slippers. If I’m thinking of the same uggs, they’re the suede boots with sheepskin inside and a foam base. They are literally for lounging around the house in, and you wear them as you would slippers. Occasionally I’ll wear them to the supermarket if I’m feeling lazy, but if you wear them out with an outfit then… yeah… it’s like wearing your slippers out. But the good ones are well worth the money, I love mine and they are going strong so far after 3 years, my mum’s last pair probably lasted 20.

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^^ This is what mine look like. Uggs sells slippers also. Here is one example.

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I always figured Ugg was short for uggly (misspelled of course). That and I always thought they would make my feet miserably sweaty.

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I grew up in australia and they were always house slippers. We didn’t have indoor heat really, that’s what you wore in winter. Still, we wear them, If I’m just running to the shop or whatever I wear them outside. It’s more acceptable now to wear them outside and they have different styles now, but to me they will always be house slippers. PS do not wear them in snow you will break your ass

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I know someone who works in a dry cleaner who said they cost $40 to have them cleaned. I can’t see spending that to clean a boot.

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@jca; My instructions said that they were washable.

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After reading all the answers here I would never buy them at retail. Maybe I would consider them if I saw them on sale for $30. My slippers cost $25, work just fine, I like that they are open toe, but you can easily buy closed toe. My husband has $45 slippers that have fancy foam in the sole. Then I easily have leftover money for proper, practical, cold weather outdoor shoes. That’s how I would spend my money.

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Not a lady but any how… I have a pair (well several actually) and quite frankly would never wear anything else if I could. They are unbelievably comfortable, wearing a normal pair of shoes afterwards is almost painful.

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I’ve had a pair of Ugg boots for several years and only wear them around the house. I find them incredibly warm and comfortable (the perfect winter house shoe), and I appreciate the balance they give me when standing on a ladder. That big, flat sole provides great support in that situation.

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I agree with @Lightlyseared I don’t wear “shoes” I wear boots and sandals, that’s all. lol
I also think they look really cute on the younger girls with shorts and short dresses. I have worn mine with longer gypsy skirts too. Pffft…you guys are fashion slaves, who cares who wears what with what, do you what you want and invent your own style.

I’m a bohemian type and have always dressed to please myself. I have some really nice Durango style boots and they look awesome with skirts too. :-) I get lots of compliments on my offbeat style, and at least I am original.
Now, IMO, what is really UGLY are all the super pointy toed shoes and boots that have been popular the last number of years. Extremely ugly, I’d rather have Uggy duck feet that pointy witch feet. lol

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Fine if you’re a surfer or lounging around the house. Awful otherwise.

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Nope, never liked them, although I did like the shaggy ones that Nicole wore on Jersey Shore…lol, seems more like that kind of person who wears them around here. A little flashy.

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I don’t have any but I think they look adorable on teenage girls especially with jeans. I don’t think they have foam insoles and I insist on those. I don’t see how they can be squishy or comfortable without foam.
Some people feel the need to say how great they are because they have a lot of cash invested in them.

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@Aster They are sooo comfy, you should try a pair. Once your feet get used to that kind of comfort regular shoes feel awful. haha
They do look especially cute with jeans, slimming to the legs and just have an earthy, country girl look to them. Country girls rock, no one does it better than a mountain mama. lol

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I prefer knee high or over-the-knee boots with skinny jeans tucked in. Uggs aren’t really my style.

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Boots in general rock! I have 4 pairs of varying heel height from Uggs to Durangos to stileto to wedge heeled. I love my boots, :-)

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No they are ugly. I like knee high boots.

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UGGS remind me of Frankenstein feet. They’re a hoot. (Do these boots make my head look square?) I am not a fan. But I understand wanting to have comfy feet. I have a lot of boots that I feel are more stylish and still very comfortable.

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I LOVE knee high boots. Uggs? Hideously ugly. Will never wear them in public. HOWEVER, I will say that they feel like clouds on your feet and are the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on. They are really soft on the inside and it makes me sad that I can’t have that level of comfort in a sexy shoe lol

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I’ve always fancied them but never got the chance to wear them. I saw a cute pair at the store which would be perfect inside my home – it’s my opinion that UGGS are not meant for the great outdoors – but they got snagged after a week. I guess I’ll try my luck again next winter.

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NO, I think Uggs are Uggly. I wear some boots, especially British riding boots and polo boots, but not Uggs.

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