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Do you take steps, large or small, to ensure that you don't forget something?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) November 12th, 2013

For example, say you need to return a movie the next day. Do you glance at it sitting on a pile of other movies and think, “Don’t forget to return that,” or do you pick it up at that moment and stick it in your purse (or someplace else) so you won’t forget?

I have a really good memory. However, as far back as my early 20’s I realized that I can easily forget a lot of piddly little things so I learned to compensate for that.

Have you ever known anyone who doesn’t take those kinds of precautions and, as a result, is always forgetting things?

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I have delegated nearly every task to Google and my phone. I’m way too busy and sleep deprived to remember to do anything. So, my phone tells me exactly when I need to do something. If it’s not in my phone, it’s not happening.

So technically I forget everything, but everything gets done because my phone tells me what to do.

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I always place my purse in the same location when I return home each day; therefore, I always know where to find it. If anything needs to be done/delivered/returned, etc. on a given day, I simply place a note or some token on my purse (not in it). For example, I needed to remember to bring a laptop with me this morning, so I placed the mouse on my purse.

Simple, but highly effective for me.

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Everyone here knows I’m ocd, so I make leave myself post-it’s, etc…or think about it right before bed (my mental to-do list.) A lot of people at my job forget thing’s a lot and it’s a bother.

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I’m not OCD and I leave notes for myself.

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I do both, sometimes at the same time with different things and other times I go through phases. However I have not needed my lock out service for my car in over a year or so not counting last week. My credit card got renewed not closed and reissued for the first time.

I have not had to pay fines for bills or library books etc in years. These things always plagued me. I was never in the present moment but drifting somewhere in lala and when I was there I was too busy playing catch up.

So I shop by memory not by list usually. It might take longer and sometimes I have to go back the next day or do without but overall I’m satisfied.

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I don’t make shopping lists either. Well, when I had the day care I did. But now that it’s just me and my husband my MO is to remember that I need 3 things at the store (or 4, whatever.) Just the number, not the exact items. That’s usually enough to jog my memory.

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Not nearly enough and now that I live 14 miles out of town it can be a real pain in the behind!!

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Write it on an eraser board next to my back door.

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I have kept a clipboard on one of my kitchen counter for decades with the “to-dos written down.

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I have always needed to do various types of reminders for myself, writing lists, leaving notes, setting alarms, etc. When my husband started getting ‘middle-age memory’ he found it very frustrating that suddenly I was ‘remembering’ things better than he was. I had to explain that, no, I’m not, I just have been coping with a poor memory for my whole life, so all the mechanisms are firmly in place now. I put my purse in it’s designated spot; I always park in the same row at places I go to regularly; I use a dry-erase board on my fridge for an ongoing grocery list(also helps prevent purchase of multiples because of forgetting I already bought something:-/); I keep my keys and phone on me at all times, and if I have no pockets they’re in my purse; I write notes in soap on the bathroom mirror; etc etc. He puts things down wherever he happens to be at the time, so is forever losing his keys, his phone, his shoes… I find it very aggravating when he’s always asking me if I’ve seen the item du jour. OTOH, I am good at finding things; we call it my superpower.

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My husband: “Where are those stamps I left on the kitchen counter by the stove 3 weeks ago?”
Me: “I have this thing called ‘putting things away.’ Look in the little drawer where we always keep them.
Him looking: “Still can’t find them.”
I go to said drawer, pull stamps out.
Him: “Well, they were upside down. How am I supposed to recognize them?”

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I have a calendar on the refrigerator, plus lots of magnets. I bought a huge package of sticky notes last year. I often place them on doors or my purse. I currently have an envelope with a jury summons in it standing up in my mail holder.

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I should have bought stock in post it notes. I’m a note writer, I keep calendars, and we have a white board on the fridge. If not for notes, I would never make it to an appointment, would have to wipe me bum with newspaper, and would have to drink my coffee (oh wait, I’m out of that too?) black.

Even though I make my own notes, my Dad will often tape notes (with the same info) to my steering wheel, so I don’t forget to pick up the milk

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I put stuff with my car keys or I set reminders in my mobile device.

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I believe in little pieces of paper, placed somewhere I will look for sure.

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^^ Sometimes I think if would do me good to have a piece of velcro permanently attached to my forehead, so I could hang notes there, that I would see when I brushed my teeth.

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^^ I used to imagine having reminders tattooed on the insides of my eyelids.

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