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How does Stephen Hawking's voice synthesizer work?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) November 12th, 2013

Does it have any games or anything special math wise or other? Would it be cool to play world of war craft with him?

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I don’t know the specifics of his exact machine, but I once helped make a bit of software that did a similar thing.

Basically, you get the entire alphabet, and you record what each letter sounds like seperately. You then say each letter with a different vowel at the end of it, to get variations of the recordings.

Then all you need to do, is get the computer to load the correct individual sounds one after another to make words, depending on what text was input in to the computer.

As for playing WOW with him, sadly I don’t think it would be cool, as he probably would not be able to do much. I hear he is in a worse condition than usual lately.

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His synthesizer does not allow the talking speed necessary in order to run a WOW campaign, provided of course he had assistants willing to operate the manual controls.

He discusses the function of his voice synthesizer in his book “Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays”.

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Let me put it this way: they have to intentionally misspell words for the synthesiser to pronounce them correctly.
In any case, it sounds like the normal Windows voice.

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That’s his actual voice, the box thingy is just used for dramatic effect.
Quite the entertainer is our Stevie.

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Unlike the man himself, Stephen Hawking’s voice synthesizer doesn’t have an English accent.

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