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Don't you wish you could just say what you want to say to that person?

Asked by ArabianKnightress (670points) November 14th, 2013

Go for it! I’ll start…..

Why don’t you just put your big girl panties on and say what’s on your mind instead of walking around with your attitude!!!

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Sometimes growing up is about holding your tongue.

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@Nimis Yes I agree,,,but why is it that the people who know how to hold their tongues always have to be the ones that have to take “it” with a grain of salt?

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There are certain things I would like to say, but most of those things would get me fired, and it’s not worth it.

There are certain things I would like to say to other drivers, but some of those things would get me killed.

There are some things that I would like to say to people that I care about, but some of those things are likely to hurt their feelings and not likely to help change a situation for the better.

There are some things I would like to say to people that I love, but if I did, it’s likely that I would shock those people and they are likely to leave. Better to have a good thing rather than a great thing or a crappy thing.

But that’s just me.

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There was a time in my teens when the girls were saying, “OHHHH you should have said_________,” and everything was a drama. I believed them and started saying all the things that those bitchy girls were suggesting and wouldn’t you know it? They were the first people to turn on me and say, “You are so rude! I can’t believe you said, __________”
I learned my lesson and try really hard to be honest but nice and I really have to try to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I hate it when I hurt people’s feelings by being blunt or speaking without thinking, but it still happens with me more than most.

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I probably too frequently DO say what’s on my mind, @ArabianKnightress!

People who like knowing where they stand seek me out. People who like a little sugar coating avoid me.

I have an auction house on a street off of a CO. road in BFE. There is my business and less than 12 ‘residences’, all on one side of the road. Even though nearly every house or trailer has a large yard, the kids play in the street. We have auctions twice a month, and do intake the following day.
A while back the neighbor 3 doors down (unaffectionately known as “High Maintenance” came in the door on intake day with an attitude. “Can you tell your customers to SLOW DOWN!” I finessed it: “No.”
She read me the riot act, screamed the f word and said, ”THAT’S why I never even TALK to you!” I smiled and suavely replied, “I know, and I appreciate that.


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I did and I’m glad that I did.

She ended up marrying me.

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I am generally direct about my feelings or concerns while avoiding hurtful statements about other people. Most statements that start with “I” avoid hurting someone by starting with “You.”

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Actually, no. It would only cause awkwardness, possibly embarrassment. We are parting ways for good soon, and I want to be remembered kindly. Sometimes it’s more important to consider how the other person would feel rather than just doing what you want.

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@ArabianKnightress Holding your tongue and taking it with a grain of salt aren’t necessarily the same thing.

I’m guessing you meant why do you have to put up with it? I think when you’re younger you think you should always say what you think is right. Because…well, it’s right.

But as I get older, I’ve come to realize there’s also who, when, where, why and how.

Sometimes the who isn’t worth it. Sometimes the when and where isn’t appropriate. Sometimes the why isn’t worth it. And sometimes the how is just to keep your mouth shut.

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@Nimis I’m speechless…..that was put so well it should be a ” quote” that quote should be posted on the walls of every school, every salon and in everyone’s home. If by chance it was,what a wonderful world it would be. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so right she isn’t worth my time or energy. You have no idea how you just helped me in making one of the biggest decisions in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

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@ArabianKnightress I’m glad it helped you. Though I suspect you already knew deep down. (I think you’re giving me way too much credit.)

Good luck with everything you’re dealing with. It’s rough out there.


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