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What are some things you are addicted to?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) June 25th, 2008

Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or whatever.

Also, are there any addictions you’ve beaten?

I’m addicted to sugary drinks (something I’m trying to stop), getting adrenaline rushes, and the internet.

After I got out of the hospital for apendicitis I damn near got addicted to Demorol.

Never been addicted to drugs or alcohol. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I occasionally smoke cigars and cigarillos and oddly enough I crave them sometimes. I don’t think it’s a physical addiction, though.

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I am addicted to sugary drinks as well. I have switched to Coke Zero and have seen some weight loss as a result.

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Cocaine, Meth, Crack…I could go on and on.

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Life! That’s about it. I thought I was addicted to a girl one time, but I was 16 and as you could guess, I wasnt. I’ve never had a real addiction, just cases of the “I wants”.

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How about, “What am I not addicted to?”

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Food – Ferrero Rocher chocolate, Lindt Milk Chocolate, Chocolate/Strawberry icecream
Drinks – I stay away from Coke/Pepsi because i get easily addicted to that.
TV shows: House MD, How I Met Your Mother
Gadgets – My mp3 player, laptop, internet
In short, I am addicted to things easily which is why I stay away from drugs.

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Caffeine, my spouse, taboulleh, and lately Mochi ice cream balls—red bean and mango.

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Books, travel, dogs. Sugar, darn it, although I am kicking it! I like morphine way too much and ask them to take it away if I am ever prescribed it.

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“MIght as well say it: “I’m addicted to spuds”.” ; )

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Root Beer
Wintergreen Altoids

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Diet Coke, Tapioca Ball drinks (chocolate)

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I think I am addicted to going to bars alone, meeting drunk people and forgetting who they are in the morning.

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I am addicted to Smart Water, The TV show Intervention, Sirus satalite radio, my GPS & my Husband’s hugs!!!

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karaoke, tv shows (CSI’s, Law and Orders, House, Bones, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, I can go on and on) clothes, the gym, laughing, my cats, my husband, earrings….....

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Oxygen and Fluther.

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Starbucks Iced Grande Vanilla Lattes

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Pepsi is my drug of choice but I won’t let myself have it. I’m a Pepsi Dry Drunk.
In my late 20’s I more or less lived on it.
I was quite thin, and very excitable.
Hmm. Maybe I should rethink this.

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I am addicted to the smell of turpentine in the studio.

Even though I no longer use
it and have opted for an earth-friendly cleaning fluid just smelling it takes me back to
all-night painting sessions working on some of my best challenge paintings along with
some of the best painters I have had the honor to paint with.

I wonder how much damage we did to ourselves back then- 4 of us crowded into a studio
all painting away without ventilation. It was some of the best times of my life to date.

As far as food every Easter I really have to have a box of those marshmallow peeps.

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I’m addicted to the internet, which includes e-mail and daily following of baseball.

There hasn’t been much talk here yet about beating habits, so I’ll share a victory… I’ve pretty much licked my sugar habit.

Here’s what happened: one day I ate almost a full pint of ice cream. Within an hour, I felt like crap. (Surprise, surprise!) But that day I said to myself, “That’s enough.” And from that day on, when I went to the grocery store, I just wouldn’t buy desserts (ice cream, cookies, chocolatey stuff). I slowly finished the sugar stuff I had at home, and that was pretty much that. I occasionally have dessert when I go out, but man, I used to have dessert after nearly every meal. Yikes! My energy is much more stable now, thank goodness.

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Xbox Live

All I need!!

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@TL – congratulations on beating the habit ! i can’t imagine life without desserts but I should curtail my love for sugar too.

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This site. I try to get away, but I keep coming back. Shine on, little light!

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That’s almost as boring as watching grass grow!

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Im addicted to pain. Thats one of the reasons I skateboard. It feels so good to hurt sometimes. An example is my skateboard hits me in the shin and the pain is super intense. After a couple of minutes I can feel waves of endorphins hitting my brain. It feels so good like my own natural heroin.

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@buster: I banged my knee jumping over a guard rail in a parking lot today, and after the three minutes of excruciating pain, I experienced the most wonderful feeling in my leg. It was as though my muscles had been asleep all my life and now they were being used for the first time.

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Beads, Beads and more beads!

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Fluther Chat aka the reason i dont get anything done.

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I would like to add fluther chat and fluther itself to my list of addictions too.

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What if we were in person having these conversations? Just a hypothetical. If we all lived in the same town or something, and regularly met to talk about interesting things… would Fluther still be an addiction then?

Or is it the internet interface that somehow changes it from just talking into an addiction?

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@trustinglife: You should definitely make this a separate question.

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Probably a good idea. Man, that’s my 3rd question today! You sure I’m not hogging? :)


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