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Does a certain song make you bawl like a baby when you hear or sing it? What about it makes you cry?

Asked by breedmitch (12136points) June 25th, 2008

This question made me remember that there’s a Billy Joel song that I just can’t get through without bawling like a freshman girl. Lullaby.
There’s been much Fluthstration on here today and maybe we all need a good cry, so link your favorite tearjerker, and let the healing begin

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the jcb song by nizlopi.

yerushalayim shel zahav, while watching the sunrise above jerusalem. its so magnificent!!

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The Lucky One by Au Revoir Simone.

It’s so beautiful. Their voices are so beautiful. They’re so beautiful.

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Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole. My Dad used to sing it to me when I was a child.

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i haven’t heard any song that made me cry yet. (now is that good or bad?) maybe i should hear the ones posted by other answerers.

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Mr. Tanner by Harry Chapin.

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Mr Tambourine Man – Dylan

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Links please!

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I also have to add A Better Place to Be by Harry Chapin.

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Whimper! This is so embarrassing.

1. Leader of the Band Dan Fogelberg Never fails.

2. Mr. Bojangles “The Dog Up and Died . . .” makes me totally lose it.

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The jcb song by nizlopi totally got me.
Carl, I’ve just bought a Harry Chapin album on mytunes thanks to you!
Let’s not forget the second part of the question. Why do you cry?

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@breedmitch – Harry Chapin’s music has always had a special place in my life, and the story of Mr. Tanner is just so sad to me. A cleaner that used to sing to his customers for the pure joy of singing, and then he has his dreams of singing crushed – it’s sad. A Better Place to Be gets me teary because it is a happy story of 2 lonely people that find love in each other accidentally. Also, every Harry Chapin song gets my emotions running because I can’t help but think how sad it is that he died the way he did at his age.

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Picky, picky breedmitch. Add on to my answer. Leader of the Band makes me think of my dad who did not get to grow old.

I explained the second one.

@Mtl_Zack I had never heard the jcb song. Thanks. See, you can’t leave for good!

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There is a song by Peter Gabriel called I grieve. When I’m depressed: Cry Freedom by DMB, A Comet Appears by the Shins, well pretty much anything at that point.

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the one that almost always does me in is Goodbye my lover… James blunt… Then nobody knows by the tony rich project chokes me up a bit..

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A Fine Frenzy- Almost Lover
Band of Horses- No Ones Gonna Love You
Ray Lamontagne- Burn
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Your Guardian Angel

All songs ex-girlfriends sent me after a breakup too bad they as cool as the songs

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Don’t have a song really. I knoe the ending of Saving Private Ryan and Field of Dreams movies tear me up.

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know… I mean.

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Singing Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s rendition of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

Another was singing a hymn from my dorm masses. Really simple, it just went “Peace I leave with you, my friend, my friend, and I am with you till the end.” It was a version of A Song for Breaking Bread.

Also, singing The Lord Bless You and Keep You. The version I sang was a little more flow-y and warm.

I think they do it to me because you have to point your heart towards a degree of purity and making meaningful connections with other people.

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The Hallelujah Chorus and For Unto Us a Child Is Born from Handel’s Messiah.
And I’m an athiest!

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Space Travel by Yellowcard. Not exactly cry, but emotions tend to roll…:D

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@redsfan – great song

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I don’t cry, but I get real sad when I hear it.

The Tide by Spill Canvas.

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Clams Have Feelings, Too (Actually, They Don’t) by NOFX gets me every time. Poor clams. It’s not their fault they don’t have central nervous systems.

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@kevbo Thanks for that link. I have been wanting to hear the original of that since Jason Castro did it on American Idol.

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@AC For me, it is Worthy Is the Lamb from The Messiah, surely among the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.

It is always the tenors that make me choke up. Most any tenor could have his way with me. My first tenor crush was in high school choir. He was, as my mother says, “homely as a mud fence,” short with serious acne and thick coke-bottle lens glasses. He was also, a bigger sin in my book, dumb as a rock, flunking every class except choir and advanced band. Ah, but when he opened his mouth and sang, I forgave all . . .

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‘Beneath Still Waters’ sung by Emmylou Harris.

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Daddy’s Little Girl, because my now dead Father used to sing it to me.

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Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel (with Kate Bush)
Beloved One by Ben Harper
Those are two off the top of my head but I love songs that make me get a good cry out (usually by myself in the car).

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@thebeadholder Thanks for the introduction to Beloved One. What a beautiful song.

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Ben Harper rules. I’ve had his Live in 2006 wallpaper on my desktop for a month.

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Smelly Cat by Phoebe Buffet. ;)

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Knot & Marina: Love Ben Harper! Have seen him numerous times (including 2nd row before he got big). Beloved One is SO beautiful as is much of his music. If you haven’t heard…check him out!

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The acoustic CD from Ben Harper’s “Live From Mars” Album is one of my all time favorites, I love “Please Bleed”

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Bad Astronaut – The ‘F’ Word used to bring a tear or two to my eye, but not anymore! I uploaded this song to the Fluther Muxtape, which is a pretty dope compilation of music!

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@stocky…love that one too!

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@thebeadholder I just played Beloved One for my husband. Hearing it the second time, I know what tickled me about his sound as familiar even though I had never heard Ben Harper. The timbre of his voice and his intonations remind me of Cat Stevens.

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Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt

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I totally agree about Johnny Cash’s Hurt cover – one of the last songs he did before he died.

If anyone hasn’t seen the music video of it, see it here

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Thanks to my rowing coaches and captain of boats, if I hear Greenday’s Time of your life my eyes well up, because that was sort of our goodbye song at the end of the last rowing season.

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I second Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s
absolutely beautiful rendition of somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world

and johnny cash’s hurt is another that beautiful tune

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Levon- Elton John

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Angels Cry
The World Is Ugly
You And Me And One Spotlight

(and there are many other songs that make me cry but these are my favorite ones)

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