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If you were a pirate, what would be your cause?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) November 15th, 2013

A question just for fun.
If you were a stereotypical movie/story pirate, what would be your cause? High adventure? Money and treasure? An abhorrence for law and order? Sex and booze? The only perceived alternative you could find for freedom from a constricting society? The fashion, perhaps? Sea shanties? Why, and how come? Some other reason?
Or would you NOT be a pirate?
Oh but don’t limit yourself to the stereotypical peg legged pirate, if you’ve something else in mind.
Perhaps the historical pirate, who I believe has existed for as long as man has sailed the seas and oceans. The important part here is, what is your cause as a pirate? Why do you do it?

Just have fun with it if you can, teach me something about pirates if you like, and Happy Friday yall.

As for me, I pick Vikings. Conquest, violence and snow. Hell yeah, man. My cause is, for Odin!

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Rum. Booty. Wearing the outfit.

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money. the cause of all pirates

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Heterosexual male bonding & the desire to wear fancy pantaloons, also, swords are fucking awesome.

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“I’ve got a little list, they’d none of them be missed.”

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I’d do the Robinhood thing and rob from the rich to give to the poor. Of course I’d want a newer ship that could outrun the Coast Guard and the Navy and all the latest radar/satellite avoidance systems on board.
Maybe hit some of these fancy island resorts and steal jewelry, clothes, and any cash that was about then escape quickly back to the sea…arr!
The crew and I would split the cash equally then hock the other loot to a friendly fence who would distribute the proceeds to the needy.
Btw, pirates may have been the earliest democracy in North America.

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Rob the rich, to help the poor? I’m getting a new affection for the super rich. Warren Buffet has pledged 90% of his billions to charity, and he is in a club with Bill Gates which requires Members to donate a minimum of 50% of their wealth to charitable causes. Dozens have joined. Just sayin’. If I were a pirate I would just pull over other ships, demand that tyhey have a party and expect me and my crew to attend. I would leave after, have a cigarette, and look for my next party.

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No, May be I would dress up as a Pirate for Halloween, but not in real life. Their life is full of idleness and extreme toil and involves many cruel activities like threatening, killing, stealing and taking hostages from boats etc. At one moment they may be rich with gold’s and diamonds and unlimited rum, the next moment they be starving. Though Pirate life may seem exciting and adventurous, it’s usually a short one.

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I’m queer for parrots and whales, so it would give me a reason to have a parrot on my shoulder while I took out whaling vessels.

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To eradicate all piratism on the high seas.

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Hanging out with Johnny Depp. Duh.


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Do I get to wear a sexy pirate outfit and carry a sword??
I’d totally be in it for the money and treasure.

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I detest the romanticisim of piracy – they were bloodthirsty degenerates.

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Greenpeace and more involved protectors of the environment have been called pirates by countries who for example, kill wales knowing full well their intelligence and communal nature.

I could see myself being a pirate by their definition

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@Smitha That’s pretty much it. In fact pirates actually valued fresh water, food, clothes and ship equipment over riches. I read that in the 1700’s or so, gold was pretty much all they were after, as things like diamonds and all weren’t all that valued by people at the time.

@YARNLADY Real pirates did just that; pirating. Illegal trading of goods they stole, but they actually rarely killed people. Taking hostages was their main game, and since pirate crews were usually small, it was not in their interest to kill and burn their bridges, because most people they attacked usually had enough manpower to wipe them out.

@Katniss Hell yeah, gotta have the sexy pirate outfit. :D

@ibstubro Haha it’s funny you mention this. I notice now, ever since those movies, so many pirates in video games and movies now sport gothy eye makeup of some kind or another.

Thanks for the answers all. :)

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I would dedicate me men and me boat to wiping out the pedophile scourge from the planet.

and mayhap recycling because that be important too . . .

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^Funny, that sounds nowt like Somalian dialect.

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That would be because I was kidnapped and heaved onto a pirate boat and set out to sea against my will. They might call me a pirate, but unless I developed Stockholm Syndrome, they would have one heck of a time getting me to pillage and stomp around saying “Arrg”.

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And all of a sudden I’m reminded of that Captain Hook movie.

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I’d come for the Beer and the Bitches! (and the booty and the opportunity to kill alot of people).

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