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We always knew The Heat would turn up at the Mansion, right?

Asked by Pachy (18600points) November 18th, 2013

I’m talking about Picante, of course – whose sweet and spicy comments have deservedly earned her the requisite amount of lurve to score one of the 10K Mansion’s plushier suites (which, I’m thrilled to say, is within pun-shouting distance of my own peanut shell-strewn digs). Please join me in trumpeting this piquant jelly’s triumphant achievement by posting a warm message of congratulations and lurve.

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Hot stuff! Welcome to the mansion and congratulations!!!!!

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10,000 Scoville units! ¡Que calor!

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Congrats dahling!

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Ooooh….salsa party!
I’ll bring the flour tortilla chips, pinata and Corona!
Okay, rules, must drink at least 3 Coronas before going to bat, clear the area lol
Cheers this fiesta is for you!

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Yay! I’ve always had the hots for you, picante. ;)

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Thank you, all! If there’s an award for the slowest to achieve mansiondom, I’d surely be decorated many times over. Pachy, thanks for hosting my party; I’ve got a case of champagne to share with y’all.

I’ve got this silly day job to tend to, but I’ll be back later this afternoon to give my personal thanks to my jelly friends. Keep the party going!

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@picante You are one of my dears here andI only wish you were around more. A great writer, humorist and responder, you add much to the place with your pungent posts. We will meet-up someday in real life.

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Sweet! :)

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Congratulations @picante!!!!

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Oh boy champagne.

Can’t wait, I’ll bring the Hatch Chiles

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

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Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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As my grandson said when we were playing that warm/hot game when he was 3, “You’re getting warmer….warmer….warmer…hot…hot…hot….YOU’RE FIRED!!!

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The heat is on!
Congrats @picante! The party is even hotter.

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Hey—I haven’t seen a “HOT DAMN” !

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Keep the heat up high enough, long enough, and the result is—well done.

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Y’all are great! I was typing a lengthy post to acknowledge all the individual responses, and it went “poof” as I was nearing the finish line. I would be hot under the collar, but I’m basking in the warm glow of your jellyship, so I’m cool as cucumber and preparing the post again (in Word this time).

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Cool as a cucumber and hot as a jalapeno!

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I HATE it when that happens!

The Heat is On

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room, thanks for getting this party started! I shall indeed enjoy my luxurious room in the mansion.

@syz, you’re our first official guest! Sweet!

@thorninmud, I use the Soville units as my basis for judging anything. Yes, I habanero view of the world ;-)

@KNOWITALL, you are the dahling, dahling. And don’t make me say it again!

@Coloma, the queen of the parties is in the house! I truly have goose bumps. Thank you!

@augustlan, I’ve got the hots for you, too! And that’s not the fear of the whip that’s talking.

@Seaofclouds, @Mama_Cakes, @wildpotato, thanks for coming to the party and thanks for being great jellies!

@janbb, I do hope we meet in person. I promise not to melt your iceberg with my impressive heat.

@ucme, your humour is much appreciated by me (and I’m using the British spelling in your honour)!

@Dutchess_III, thank you, and I LOVE your grandson’s outcome to getting hotter and hotter – priceless!

@Tropical_Willie, I lurve Hatch chiles – extra champagne for you, sir!

@whitenoise, muchas gracias!

@drhat77, Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

@Judi, thank you. Your consistency and warmth is so appreciated!

@chyna, I’m so happy to see you here. The heat is on indeed!

@Jeruba, you are impeccable in every way. And you look at lot like Kate Blanchett!

@all, thank you again. I raise my glass to you all, for it is the magic of the collective across the (gulp) more than three years that I’ve swum among you that keeps me coming back. I would never have imagined myself hanging around for so long, but I have a fondness for you that is . . . well . . . warm. I shall continue to swing by on occasion and participate when it feels right. Many thanks, and cheers!

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^^ I hope you did all that in Word first!

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Sorry I’m late! 10Kongratulations @picante

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@Dutchess_III, on this second round, I did do it in Word; I had tried it first in the response window of Fluther, and it got poofalated.

@flutherother it’s never too late (or too early) for a glass of champagne. Welcome and thank you!

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Congrats, @picante. You’re an inspiration to all the newer members, as well!

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@picante And we raise our glasses to you. Many, many glasses. The champagne is free here in the mansion.
Haven’t seen you out by the pool yet. Better get out there to cool your toes.

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@picante – Congrats!

and Here is my gift to you, Sally. ^_^

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You are one hot tamale. Congrats and welcome to the mansion.

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Congrats @picante welcome to the 10k club!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS * * * GOOD WORK * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Great job! Welcome to the 10K Mansion.:-)

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Some like it hot. I know I do. Congrats and welcome to the mansion!

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@picante You are lots of fun, and I am enjoying getting to know you. Congratulations!

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A toast to @picante for achieving the milestone; to @Pachyderm_In_The_Room for throwing the party; and to the idiots over at Amazon, for killing Askville and sending everyone here (old and new) a fresh wave a lurve.

Bless them one and all!


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Here is to Picante! I never believed the rumors you were from New York City!

Congo Rats!!!

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Ow! Ow! Ow! Congratulations, @picante!

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@picante Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!

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@picante Hot dang, your scorching hot salsa’s going to taste great with the guacamole and chips I brought to the party. Break out the ice cold beer to quench the gustatory flames. And welcome to the mansion, a well-earned reward!

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@picante Congratulations! I’ve admired your answers from afar from a long time.

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Top notch habanero congratulations!

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Hot and spicy congratulations to you. The Salsa dancers are leading the dance out of the Mansion door. Peppery snacks going round on trays. Welcome.

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Nice job @picante!!
rrreeeeaaaallllll niiccceee

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@picante Congrats on the 10K. Salsa out to the pool for some well deserved chips and whatever else catches your fancy.

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I’m thrilled to see the party is still active! I had a little too much champagne yesterday, so I’m reclining by the pool with a cool towel over my eyes. I did make a special salsa for y’all; it’s hellishly hot and Jellishly flavorful. We’ll make some fresh guacamole in a few minutes. Cheers!

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Warm cheese sauce with that?

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^Si, tenemos queso!

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Congrats on the 10k! I’d read something from Shakespeare in your honor but it is clear you know it all already.
Muy Caliente! <—not in any of his works.

I’m bringing the warm brie to the party if anyone is still there.

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Speaking of hot, @picante, may I have this dance?

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@LuckyGuy, the only thing better than brie is warm brie! The party is alive and well.

@ibstubro thanks for finding that video of me dancing! I almost had a wardrobe malfunction, but I held my blonde self together nicely.

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No problem, @picante. I just asked your partner (my grandson) for a copy!


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Oh, FINALLY, @LuckyGuy, something I can eat.

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@picante, the only thing better than warm brie is warm brie melting on a big chunk of warm, buttered french or sourdough bread. Mmmmmmmmm

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^I’ll have what he’s having!

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Is it all right if I just bring a nice piece of Havarti? Ooooh. Or a nice smoked Blue! The local cheese shop has Morel mushroom cheese!

Where’s that word-of-the-day thread? I’m all a quiver.

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“Cheeses” rhymes with “pleases.” Please for cheese!

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Yay!! Congratulations @picante!! Nice job!

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I am late to the party. Though I don’t know you, I am here to congratulate you on 10K!
I am not here as much as I once was.
Happy Flutheringgggg!

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Well, then share the lurve while you’re here, @9doomedtodie!

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I finally dragged myself away from yakking to the OP about movies long enough to get on my bike and ride over here.

Your Quarters are all ready for you. We’ve had the movers and the designers and the painters here all week. Check out your Closet and then go look out the window to the North and the other window that faces East.

After you get freshened up, head down to the dining room, which we designed to look like a Restaurant

Of course we know you love spicy food, so we shall be serving This and some of These and This and some of This and of course These

Of course, no home would be complete without a decent Library. Have a nice read.

Congratulations on your, uh your, wait a minute! How is it that you only have 10 K? You’ve been here as long as me? That’s why you got a chateau instead of just a room! But you’re worth it : )

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That’s not a library @Kardamom! It’s a spice bar!

AND she’s lying. She said I was moving there too, but when I got there, this is what was waiting for me. Lots of rooms, yes….

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Beat the heck out of your old digs @Dutchess_III!

Hey, I didn’t know you even knew Jack Nicholson! “Heeeeere’s Johnny!”

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@Kardamom, thanks for showing up; and I LOVE what you’ve done with my closet. Stop by my room any time you’re in the mood for something spicy.

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