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What body parts are you missing?

Asked by AstroChuck (37461points) June 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I am complete except for one appendix and four wisdom teeth. (Perhaps that explains my lack of wisdom.)

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Do brain cells count?

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i love this question. can we also consider extra body parts?

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Part of my bone in my little toes on both feet.

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Just teeth I think. If you ask Freud, I’m missing another body part as well (or I’m just envious that I don’t have that extra part).

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I really wish I was missing something funny… but I seem intact, yet jangly.

Great question though.

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Just baby teeth. I like all being here. We work better together, as a team. Haha.

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I have all the parts that I should have. (though it should be noted that some people are naturally missing a rib, or have an extra set, or have extra vertebrae… etc)

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tonsils, wisdom teeth, some hair

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The part of the brain that prevents me from discussing poop or penile morphology in public or with strangers.

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I’m missing four wisdom teeth as well, but other than that I have all my parts.

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A penis. Probably for the best though—it would clash with my breasts.

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i think i’m missing some of my lower ribs, not really sure though, i do know something’s wrong with them, when i cough really hard i stab myself in the sides with the ends and it hurts like hell..

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a gall bladder
a working pancreas
a portion of a lymph node

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I was born with an extra finger, and those bastards cut it off before I could even use it! Imagine all the mugs I could’ve been able to carry, or that extra key I could hit on a piano. Think about the reach I would have on a guitar. Someday, I’ll have my revenge.

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A completely functional brain.

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my back left molar

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My real nose.

I had a full speed, nose to head collision in a softball game, shattering my nose, like eggshells, as the doctor put it. My mom had to bring pictures so he can see what I looked like before.

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Still have two wisdom teeth! The bottom ones went to tooth heaven.

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Are you sure they didn’t go to Tooth Hell?

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Tonsils, wisdom teeth, an ACL, most of the catilage in my left knee, a small portion of my left fallopian tube, breast tissue.

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They should, after what they did to me during finals. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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