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Is there a newspaper layout available on Word?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) November 18th, 2013

For a school project, I have to write a newspaper as if i’m in the Progressive Era. It must have a front page, business section, social section, the funnies (political cartoons) and an opinionated page.

I wanted to type this so it would look organized, but I also want it to look like a newspaper.

Is there a newspaper template somewhere on Word that I can’t find? If it helps, I have Microsoft Word 2007, and a Windows 7 laptop.

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You can create tables to approximate a news paper layout. Go to word and then page layout then to columns.

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I’d be tempted to change the page color to an off white to resemble a real news paper, but then you’re using up way too much ink coloring the whole page.
Maybe you could do a watermark to create more interest?

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I agree with @Dutchess_III the simplest way is a table in word. You can make the writing in each colomn stretch to fit the column or left adjust.

Will you be printing it? You can just choose paper that looks like newspaper, although it will be a little heavier. If it will stay on the screen you could change the page color like @Dutchess_III suggested.

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It’s not just tables. There is something called columns. Tables won’t run linearly from cell 1 to two. So if you paste a new paragraph into cell 1, the excess won’t automatically spill into cell 2. You will have to trim it manually. But if you use columns, it will work.
Are you using Word 2007? Under Page Layout, Select Columns, then how many columns you want.

If you want something more complex then columns, you will need to use publisher, which allows for very complex layouts.

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As for what @Dutchess_III was suggesting, I’d just buy some sepia or cream colored paper instead of wasting ink making white paper sepia colored.

Also try looking at some 19th century fonts

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Ahem @drhat77, in my response, the first one I said ” Go to word and then page layout then to columns.”

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@drhat77 When you go to tables you enter how many columns and rows you want.

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Do you have Microsoft Publisher? If so, that is what I would use for this project. It’s practically designed for stuff like this, which goes above the typical “letter” format of MS Word.

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Yabutt it depends on how complicated he wants, or is expected to get @PhiNotPi. Word is a good starter program.

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Here are some layouts I saw on the microsoft office site.

This was IMO the best layout for Word

But the best one was with Publisher All you’d have to do is change to old timey font and center the title page. Ugh—and take out that green wave.

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Here is another template for Publisher. By deleting the “summary” section on the left and centering the text, I think it looks similar to a newspaper.

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@Dutchess_III I’m sorry you started with Tables, so I didn’t notice you mentioned columns

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It’s cool. Actually I started with tables because I didn’t know there was a column feature now. Then I went to give him the directions to a table and found the column and changed my directions in midstream without telling anyone. :D

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