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Have you or your household members ever had to call 911?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) November 19th, 2013

I did for the first time last Saturday night. It was almost 1 AM when I heard a powerful explosion in the street just outside my study window. Running to the front door and out onto the porch, I saw that a pickup truck parked in the next block had its engine compartment and cab fully engulfed in flames. The force of the blast had blown the windows out of the cab, and fire was billowing out of them. There was also an abundance of acrid, choking smoke pouring from all the plastics and synthetics and hydrocarbons that were burning.

I ran back in and phoned 911. The response was almost instantaneous. In less than a minute of my call, three police cruisers were on the street. About two minutes later, the first of three fire trucks arrived. They had the fire out before it ever reached the gas tank of the truck.

If you’ve had to call 911, what was your emergency, and how rapid was the response.

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Yes, for domestic violence when my ex was going whacko. My son called 911 because she was yelling and swearing so much.

We called again one time when a power surge hit our electrical wires on our street, and sparks were flying out of the transformers and arcing in the air. Fire Dept came pretty quickly.

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The first time was when I heard my next door neighbor physically abusing his wife. The cops did not even show up.

The second time was for a break-in. My roommate was having a friend stay a few days, but then some altercation broke out, and the guy was kicked out of a bar, so the guy and my roommate return to the apartment. They argue over something, and my roommate asks the guy to leave. He leaves, and my roommate tells me not to answer the door if he comes back, then goes back to the bar. Well, about an hour later, the guy returns and starts knocking on the door; I don’t answer. Then he starts banging on the door; I still don’t answer. Then, he kicks open the door. I lock my bedroom door and call 911. About 15 minutes later, the cops show up and ring the doorbell. I walk past the guy, who was sitting on my couch casually eating a large plate of my leftovers from the fridge, and answer the door. Guy talks to cops for a few minutes (he sounded strung out on drugs, by the way), and they arrest him.

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I had a heart attack at home, and my wife called 911. She went out to the end of the driveway to make sure they could get through our electric gate. While I was lying on the floor, the 911 operator called back to ask for directions! Great job, GPS.

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Not for anything serious, well..I called 911 once about 10 years ago on a very dark moonless night when I came around a bend on a country road out here and almost hit a huge black steer in the road. haha
I waited with my headlights on the beast until the local fire dept. showed up and herded it off the road and called emergency animal services. Man…hitting that guy going about 45mph could have been serious.

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I have called it twice. The first time was when I saw an old man getting beat up in an alley by two teenagers next to where I worked. The second time was a break in of our house.

Oh and embarrassingly enough: I just remembered. I called it because I locked my daughter in the car with the keys on a hot summer day. You’re supposed to call 911 if your kids get locked in the car.

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I called it about ten years ago when I was making lamb chops and they caught on fire in the oven. I put the fire out by shutting the oven off but in the meantime, the FD came and state troopers came and I was in my jammies with Seinfeld on, showing them what bachelorette living is like.

I also have called 911 a bunch of times from my cell if I am on the road and see an issue, like a person walking on the highway (no pedestrians allowed on the highway) or something like that.

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@jca reminds me I have called 911 from my cell on the freeway. Late one weekend night a pick up truck was weaving back and forth across three lanes, alternately speeding then slowing way down. Scared the poo out of me, to this day I wonder if he was caught.

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I called to report a burglary in progress when I was 17. I had just walked in my front door to find a guy gathering up all the stuff he intended to take on his way out. My boyfriend was with me and because we had deadbolts on the front and back door we kind of had him trapped for a few minutes. I was so pissed off I made him empty his pockets and take off his shoes to prove he didnt have anything else of mine on him, then I called the police and he bolted for the front door, broke my screen door running thru it. Fucking cops didnt show up for over an hour and I lived literally right across the street from the police station (throw a rock and hit a cop car close). When they finally did show up, they were completely useless and tried to convince me not to press charges against the guy….later I found out it was because they didnt want to do the paperwork.
Next time I’m just going to order a pizza or call the fire department directly, fuck the police.

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Several times for various emergencies for others, once at my rural home for my husband’s seizures. Our local cop was there within three minutes, ambulance in ten, fire in fifteen. It was weird having them all in my house, too, freaky, but I was thankful.

@cheebdragon F—the police (scratching)

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911 doesn’t work here ;) I have never called 999 myself but it’s been called for me. One time I took my daughter to the beach and fell down a flight of concrete steps in the rain. By the time I bounced to the bottom I was in agony and couldn’t feel or move my legs. I sent my daughter, who was only three, round the corner to get help. (This was before people carried phones in their pockets). I have no idea how long it took for the ambulance to arrive, it felt like for ever, but I was carried away on a spinal board and some nurses looked after my daughter while I was x-rayed and scanned and who knows what – I was pumped full of painkillers by this time. I had a fractured vertebra but no damage to my spinal cord, thank goodness. Twelve hours after the fall I was able to walk again, but it was another week before I could sit properly on a chair. My daughter was the real star of the day. She didn;t manic at all, didn’t even cry.

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Twice both times for brush fires, first time we were driving through a Federal Property area. The person that answered was at the security checkpoint to enter the Army Base. That was a surprise, told her where the fire was by mile marker. They had a a reported fire but no location.

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Yes, three times.

The first time was for my sister who was faking appendicitis so she could get a shot of a pain killer. (Demerol maybe?) The 911 operator asked if she was having chest pains or a possible heart attack. I told her no. She said that the EMS crews were so understaffed that night that they were running at about a 2 hour wait except for heart attacks and car accidents. I knew she was faking, but didn’t want to take the chance that she wasn’t crying wolf this time. The hospital was only about a 15 minute drive, but with her lack of personal hygiene, it was one of the stinkiest I’ve ever been on.

The second time was after I hit a deer. Luckily I was only going 35 mph, so there wasn’t huge damage to the car. But, I had to get a police report to be able to file an insurance claim.

The third time was in September of this year. My boss was having several symptoms of a heart attack and I wasn’t messing around. I told her either I called 911 or I called her husband. She opted for 911 because she said that her husband is useless in a crisis! Turned out that she wasn’t having a heart attack. She was in extreme pain from her hiatal hernia. She has had it for almost 20 years, but never had that kind of pain from it.

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@ETpro, what was the cause of the explosion?

I’ve called twice in my life. Once when little boy playing with my son shot his eye out with a pellet gun. He shot into a tree and the pellet ricocheted off a limb, hit him in the eyeball and lodged there.

The second time was a few months ago when a neighbor knocked on our door in the middle of the night needing help from a fall through a glass top coffee table. Terrifying.

I am so thankful for men and women who have trained and devoted their lives to emergency services. The 911 system is amazing.

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Yes. About 12 or more ears ago I was gardening in the front of my house and a car came up an adacent road. A woman was hanging out the window pointing to me and screaming hysterically “Help me please help me, he’s…....” That’s all I heard. I ran inside called 911 and told the dispatcher I had no way of knowing if it was serious or a joke but it sounded real to me.

Police came and questioned me. All I could do was tell them the color of the car – I had no idea what make it was – and where it was headed , and we were in a very interior of a suburban neighborhood. I didn’t know the age of the female. The car was moving fast, it was two houses away and I could only report the little I observed.

The police seemed to think it was a prank and said they suspected the people who might be involved. I never heard another thing about it.

The female was either a good actress or that chic was scared to death. I’ll never know.

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911 called me several weeks back. Asked me if I knew the next door neighbor (4 tenths of a mile, not viewable). I said yes, and they said the 18 yo daughter (who I’d never met) had called in a medical emergency regarding her mother. Could I go over there and check on her until the medical personal got there. I said, sure, as the mother was a casual friend.

I get there, knock on the door. The girl opens the door and says, “My mom’s dead, and she’s been dead for a long time.” I do not know the child’s name. I ask, “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m taking nursing training right now, and she’s dead!

It took them for ever to get there. But, hey, they knew mom was dead, just didn’t bother mentioning it to me. The EMT was very…cold. The cops were jerky, kept sending me out of the house and tried to make me leave and leave the girl there alone.

Grandma get my phone number from the girl and calls me – another total stranger. I talked to her a number of times as the day wore on. Assured her I would stay until another adult was present. Finally the girl’s real dad, who was ½ way home to Montana makes it back and I beat feet home.

Long, trying, but rewarding day.

I’ve called 911 an number of times. Last, there was a kid on the Mississippi river bridge acting very erratic…changing directions and jumping over the median. I was afraid he was suicidal.

I once called from my home as I watched my former apartment across the street burn to the ground.

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Here the number is 112, but yes, once, when my father had kidney stones when I was a kid. I was convinced he was on his way out.

I dialed and told them I need an ambulance because my father is real sick and I think he is going to die, 40 minutes later they sent one guy on foot with a stethoscope and some pills. Next time I call emergency services, I’ll just tell them there is a burning school bus full of children and a man beheading the burnt corpses in the street, see if that gets them here a bit faster and more prepared.

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On more than one occasion. My mother called 911 when my younger brother biked into a car and split his forehead open. I don’t remember how soon after the ambulance showed up. She’s pretty calm and collected under the strain of an emergency, but I remember the rest of us completely freaking the hell out.

My father called 911 after he was hit by a drunk driver. Neither he nor my older brother were injured, but the car was completely totaled. The police were able to catch the driver later on in the day. My mother was also the victim of a hit-and-run drunk driver. She was on the freeway and the fire department had to use the jaws of life to get her, and her unborn child, safely out of the vehicle.

My parents have also had to report at least one house burglary (I don’t even remember what was taken) and one incident of grand theft auto (a gang stole my mum’s van and used it in a shootout; the police found it later riddled with bullets.)

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My kids called 911 when I was in the shower, I got out to two cops at my door!

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Yeah…what caused the explosion @ETpro?

Oh Lord. Deep breath.

Called 911 to report my daughter had her tongue stuck in the fridge.

Called 911 to report that my son was stuck in a mailbox.

Called 911 when I smelled smoke. Kids did too. I had a day care. It was the middle of summer….and it turns out I had inadvertently kicked the heat on instead of the air, and all that old smelly dust poured out. Just didn’t recognized it.

Called 911 last December, again because I smelled smoke. I was the only one home. Turns out my husband had shut the fireplace flue while the fire was still smoldering. I took a bunch of fudge to the fire department later that day. Got a really cool picture though.

I called the non-emergency number twice last week to report a possum break in.

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@Dutchess_III Wow, what is wrong with your kids? Maybe they need to see a therapist? I wish you well.

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@LornaIove Kids, all kids, get themselves into fixes at some time or another. Mine are grown now.
The other day I got a huge compliment from an older man who lives in my 26-year-old son’s neighborhood. He said what a fantastic young man Chris is, and congratulated me on a job well done. :) I had to honestly tell him that Chris has always been great, and all I did was keep him alive. And it wasn’t easy!

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@Dutchess_III Sounds it! Congrats on the compliment, nice feeling isn’t it?

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Oh, it really made me glow! Really did. It’s easy to blame parents when kids go wrong, but we’re far less likely to “blame” the parents when the kids go right. :)

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Once on the NJ Turnpike late at night when I saw a sedan swerving erratically.

Once to report that this was still happening.

My parents have called 911 several times. They are physicians and have been by happenstance the first responders on three occasions when I was present. Once was in Vegas – we were strolling the Strip and someone in a store yelled for a doctor. My parents ran over to find a woman having seizures. My dad, a neurologist, helped her while my mom called 911. On another occasion I heard our neighbor screaming and saw her crouched over her husband lying on the ground next to a three-story ladder. My parents grabbed their doctor’s bags and we all ran over. He had hurt his head, so again my mom called (the wife was too distraught) while my dad tried to stabilize him and I kept the kids in the house. The third I can remember happened when I was much younger, having a birthday party at Discovery Zone. A random kid was running in socks on the slick floor and slipped and smashed his nose. My mom took care of him while my dad called 911.

I can’t remember the response time on that last one, but with the former two they were very quick – like, within 15 minutes.

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You know…all the times that my son wound up bleeding I never called 911. Just put tons of towels in the car and took him in myself.

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The first time I remember was when my oven caught on fire while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small oven fire only.

The next time was when my son fell off the pool slide in the back yard and passed out. He was not seriously injured, but they took him to the hospital. I didn’t have a car, so my husband had to leave work and meet them there.

When my son and wife were living here, they called 911 twice when she had severe stomach pain due to gall stones. When her mother was visiting, they called 911 when she had severe chest pains. It turns out she calls an ambulance once or twice a year because of that.

A stranger on the internet called the police when my sons girlfriend (who lives here) was ranting about being depressed online. They came and took her to a mental health facility.

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I have never, but a friend did when she knew she had to get to the ER fast after dark, and her driveway and dirt road were covered with sheet ice (and snow tires weren’t adequate). As it was, she had to walk to meet the ambulance at the top of her driveway, but they were able to navigate the very slippery dirt road.

She had developed very bad stomach pains which turned out to be the result of over-popping Aleve with no food and not enough water.

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We went to visit our next-door neighbor and found him in insulin shock (he got the wrong dose that morning) he was passed out. The paramedics revived him quickly but took him in to the hospital for observation.

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During a cool autumn night, our (then 16-year old) daughter and her friend were sleeping upstairs when my wife answered a call from our local police department to confirm that a 911 call was made from our house. She assured them that no such call was made.

In the morning the two girls said they’d heard a woman screaming outside and dialed 911 but then hung-up before speaking to anyone.

About a week later my wife and I are returning home after walking the dog. It is dark out and sure enough, we hear female screaming coming from the house behind ours. We hurried back that way and it was just the couple who lived there having very satisfying sex on their living room floor.

Mystery solved….

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Yes, while hiking I came across a heart attack victim. Several of us gave CPR for over an hour before the first responders showed up.

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The first time I called 911 I was 8. I came home from school walked in the door excited to be home as always and notify my mother I was going straight back outside to play. I yelled “MOM”, no answer. So I wondered where she was as she wasn’t in her usual kitchen spot cooking supper.

So I went upstairs and that’s where I found my mom laying on her white carpet in her bedroom lying in a pool of blood around her head.

I leaned over my mother and my eyes were wide open at that moment I know because I thought she was dead. Terrified I put my hand on her hand and I was able to speak the words “mom, are you alive?” And she said a faint “yes”.

I immediately got the courage and said “I’m calling 911” and I did. They got there quickly. I don’t know the exact time frame it took the ambulance to get there but in an 8 yr old brain ‘quickly’ is pretty quick.

The next time I called 911 I was 15. A man at the donut shop collapsed and his face went beat red. It was apparent he was having a heart attack. No one was doing anything but staring. I jumped up and grabbed the payphone and dialed 911. It took them 10 min to get there. Unfortunately the man did not make it. :(
Maybe that is the risk of living in a Podunk town. :(

The next time 911 was called they were both for me and not by me.

One was because I had just gotten into a head on car accident and I was lucky enough to survive but I called my husband because it was the only number I could think of at the time considering I even found the phone idk how.

The next time was when I was preparing to die, and my husband who was an emt came home (when he wasn’t supposed to) for lunch and saved my life. And considering my husband worked as an emt they got there fast.

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Wow! This question brought out some fascinating answers. Everything from the hilarious to the heart rending, which is what I guess first responders learn may be the result of each new call they receive. I’d love to reply to all but time pressures don’t permit. Besides, many of your answers stand just fine on their own. So if I don’t reply directly to your answer, it’s because you did such a great job explaining it, and I gave you a Great Answer for that.

@dafox & @cheebdragon I guess it all depends on where you live. I was amazed at how rapid and effective the response here was. And I am sure on a Saturday night at 1:00 AM they have their share of domestic disturbances, beer hall brawls, and drunken trees which stagger right into the path of drivers doing nothing other than driving on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

@bossob Measure twice, cut once. I’m glad they were there for you so you can still be here for us.

@jca & @YARNLADY Oven cooked meat isn’t supposed to catch on fire? And all this time I thought giving my family a burnt offering was a high tribute to them. Stupid smoke alarms really put a crimp in my culinary creativity.

@downtide I’m glad it came out so well. That could easily have been a crippling injury.

@Tropical_Willie Good job to phone in the coordinates.

@bkcunningham & @Dutchess_III I still don’t know what happened. I have two theories. It’s possible somebody firebombed the truck. But it was a truck that belonged to a workman, filled with construction materials in the bed. It’s possible there was a propane tank of torch in the cab, and that an electrical fire broke out and the heat caused the propane canister to burst. I have a friend who is a Deputy Fire Chief here in Everett. I’ll ask him. Even if he wasn’t on duty that evening, he will know who was. Will post when I get the facts.

@bkcunningham Ditto. I am very thankful for the first responders and their competence. This is a very old neighborhood. My house was built over 100 years ago. Hence, the streets are quite narrow. The houses are set close to the sidewalks, and to provide room for traffic, cars on both sides of the street routinely park with their right wheels well over the curb and up on the sidewalk. Because of the narrow streets, the city parking regulations permit this. The fire was spreading into the bed and rear of the truck, and it would not have been long till the fuel tank exploded. Has that happened, the car behind it and the house it was parked in front of would almost certainly have been set ablaze too. So a big shout out to the Everett Fire Department. Very well done.

@MadMadMax Those who game the 911 system put people having real, life threatening emergencies at risk of death. I hope it the cops had a notion who was playing games, they caught them.

@ibstubro There is an old curse disguised as a blessing. It goes, “May you live in interesting times.” Who did you provoke to get this curse placed on youself?

@poisonedantidote That will get the police to respond. But when it turns out to be false, it’s yourself who will be arrested.

@LornaIove More than a wee bit embarrassing.

@Dutchess_III Did the 911 operator ever say, You again?” Anyway, congratulations on the compliment, and I heartily agree with the complimenter.

@gailcalled & @dabbler Glad you were there for them.

@OneBadApple Wow, would that ever be embarrassing if the cops kicked the door in.

@ARE_you_kidding_me Do you know if the person survived?

@KaY_Jelly Wow. You’ve had a plethora of experiences. Glad you’re still here with us to share them.

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@ETpro I may have been a forward observer in a prior life.

NO I not stay in a Holiday Inn ! !

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@ETpro Thank you for saying that. :)

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It’s sad, but I think I’ve lost count how many times I’ve called or asked someone else to call.

Most of them involved a 5150 for my sister who is schizophrenic. Some incidents stick out in my memory more than others. Like the time where she smashed in the door of my brother’s bedroom with a sewing machine and threatened to kill him in his sleep.

Another time, my brother and his girlfriend (both strung out on meth) broke into my parents’ house. My mother called me, whispering from inside her bedroom where she had locked the door.

And there was the time when a pair of mirror closet doors left in my parents’ backyard ignited a fire.
Yeah, didn’t even think that was possible. But that’s what the fire department said was the cause of the fire.

The only reason why I don’t call 911 more than I already do is because I have the police non-emergency line on my phone.

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@ETpro: I was simply the reporter here and did nothing to assist my friend.

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My sister was seven months pregnant with her first child and I heard screaming so I ran downstairs. Her boyfriend was holding her down on the bed and beating her stomach. I called 911. The funny thing is the boyfriends dream was to be a cop and that pretty much destroyed any chance of that happening. Except it didn’t.. Five years later he was a cop in a different state.

Luckily the baby was fine.

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We called a couple of weeks ago because our daughter’s ex-boyfriend was stalking our house while we were babysitting her children. It was really creepy watching him walking back and forth in front of our house staring into the window for hours and hours, We had our own younger children and the kids we were watching in the house, so we figured better safe than sorry. Turns out the genius had a warrant so he was arrested.

I also called a week or so ago because there was an abandoned car half on the median strip half in the street, facing the wrong way on a busy street. It was suspicious and hard to see in the dark so I figured I needed to let the police know for safety reasons.

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I forgot to add that I called 911 two summers ago when I hit a deer on a busy highway not far from my home. I knew the damage to my car was minimal but would still require body work and I wanted a state trooper to come and write a report, which he did. I wanted the proper documentation so I would not get a hard time from the insurance company. The deer ran off into the woods and I’m not sure what the damage to him was. I hope he survived. I know I clipped him in the ankles.

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@jca When he was in his teens a newly-licensed friend of mine was driving his father’s car in rural New Jersey when a deer came running up and crashed right through the passenger-side window.

It was half in / half out, and flopping and struggling. My friend drove all the way home and into the driveway like that because he felt sure that his dad would not believe the story if he freed the deer and drove home without it…

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I never have but interesting answers from everyone.

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I don’t call 9–1-1 very often..though I have been in a few car accidents where it was called for me. The most memorable was when I was 6-months pregnant and a guy blew a red light and hit me head on and totaled my car. (While my husband was out of the country on a business trip and I was on my own with our two very young children. That one sucked.)

The most memorable 9–1-1 call I made was the one that got interrupted:
This was over 10 years ago..when cell phones were a little lesson common. I picked hubby up from the airport with our two little kids strapped in the back (this was before I was prego with #3) and we were on our way to my friend A’s house. A guy on the highway was tail-gating, weaving in and out of lanes and just generally driving really erratically and then exited at the same freeway exit, but going the opposite direction as we were. He was in the far left turn lane, and I was in the far right at a 4 lane highway exit. (Yes, big city, big exit.)
I asked hubby to hand me my cell phone thinking: “This guy is gonna kill somebody..” and was still just thinking about dialing 9–1-1 while I was stopped at the red light. Before I could dial, my light changed (his was still red for his turn) and I started to turn right when a blur of motion in my peripheral vision told me he’d turned into the intersection (crossed 3 lanes of traffic from the wrong turn lane) to get right behind me. I started dialing 9–1-1..and pulled into a left turn lane (headed towards my friend’s house)..and once I was stopped but before I could manage to lock the car doors the guy got out of his car, opened my car door and started attacking me.
Hubby managed to fight him off (leaned over my seat—still seat belted!)..the 9–1-1 operator overheard it all (and recorded it)..and several bystanders called 9–1-1, too. He broke my glasses, smashed my cell phone and bruised my face.. then took off the opposite direction (driving the wrong way on a one way road and scattering other cars in the process).

The police met us once we parked at my friend A’s house and drove us in their cruiser to ID the guy. They caught him in less than 5 minutes.
Turns out his girlfriend and his newborn baby were in the car with him driving like that! He had a warrant from out-of-state for something bad..can’t remember, it might have been murder or attempted murder (I hadn’t even noticed—but his plates were out-of-state from PA) and while the girlfriend was pissed that he was going to jail, she told the cops she had been afraid for her and the baby’s life before I called 9–1-1 because he’d been driving them around acting crazy for over an hour before we encountered him.

He was charged in MN with 2nd degree battery and interrupting a 9–1-1 call (apparently it’s criminal to interfere with a call to 9–1-1?) – and they didn’t even need me to go to trial or anything…but then that’s probably because they sent him off to PA to face the other more serious charges.

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Wow @geeky_mama I don’t panic, but I do believe I would be freaking hysterical if that happened to me.

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@KaY_Jelly BTW…what, exactly, happened to your mother? I don’t think you told us…

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Back in 98 or 99 I worked for Cellular One. Cell phones weren’t owned by everybody and their 10 year old then.
I was on the freeway traveling to KC. I was by myself. I was in the left lane, passing a car, when a third car came FLYING up on me. I could tell by his action that he was fully prepared to pass me on the shoulder, so I punched it, got past the car I was passing and pulled back into the right lane. The car flew past me, then took the next exit and got off on a two lane, and headed back in the opposite directions. A moment later a cop car came flying past me, lights and sirens, flew past that exit.

I called 911, told dispatch what had just happened. She was very interested in what I had to say, and a few moment later I saw the same cop car had turned around and was heading back the other way. :)

I wish I’d known what the outcome was, or what the guy had done.

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@Dutchess_III I left that out because honestly I don’t really know.

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@Tropical_Willie Holiday Inn. Aha, that explains it all. :-)

@KaY_Jelly You’re certainly welcome, and I hope you knew beforehand that’s how I would feel.

@fluthernutter That is indeed sad. So sorry your sister is so afflicted. I hope someday soon we come up with a specific cure for schizophrenia.

@gailcalled Oops. I must have crossed a wire someplace. I wonder who it was that really was there for their friend that I failed to acknowledge.

@johnpowell That’s a truly disturbing story. I’m so glad everything came out alright for your sister and her baby, but how could another state miss that on a background check?

@LilCosmo Wow! You’ve had your share of drama lately. I hope your daughter’s ex-boyfriend gets the hint and begins behaving like a rational human being, but I fear that won’t happen. Best watch over her when he’s released.

@jca At least the deer didn’t call and report a hit and run. :-)

@OneBadApple Wow, that’s a deer story to beat the band.

@Valerie111 Don’t feel left out. My first time was a few days ago, but I’m fascinated by all the wild stories others here have to share.

@geeky_mama Wow. There are some real pieces of work out there.

@Dutchess_III Wow. Good thing you saw him coming and reacted in time. I’m still waiting to hear from my friend the Deputy Fire Chief what caused the truck fire/explosion. He just emailed back today. He’s been at a fire conference, and his next duty day is this Friday, so he’ll ask around then. Don’t you wish if you call in something like you did they would call you back and let you know what came of the call?

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@ETpro No he was gone before they even arrived.

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@ETpro I know that now. Had you have said so at that time I’m afraid I wouldn’t of believed it. But there was a lesson I learned from it. At that time death had a firm grip of me and with every fiber of my being I wanted to walk in it’s cold dark voidless shadows, and for a moment I did, but due to some unknown strange reasons I have unfinished business here, so death decided to teach me some things instead of take me away from them.

ETpro's avatar

@ARE_you_kidding_me Gone before they arrived? Under his own power?

@KaY_Jelly Well, again, I am very glad that is how it came out, and that you are here with us.

KaY_Jelly's avatar

♡ you are not so bad yourself. :)

ETpro's avatar

@ARE_you_kidding_me Or gone like body still there, but like force gone?

@KaY_Jelly :)

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

@ETpro Gone as in passed away, we continued CPR even after it was obvious to me that it was over.

ETpro's avatar

@ARE_you_kidding_me Well, points for doing all you could do.

Aethelwine's avatar

My kids called 911 when I was in the shower, I got out to two cops at my door!

Something similar happened to me @Lorna. I came out of the bathroom and a few minutes later I had police knocking on my door. They said they received a call from my home. My oldest son must have picked the phone up when I was in the bathroom and dialed the number, then hung up the phone. He had just learned about 911 in preschool. How old were your children when it happened to you?

Dutchess_III's avatar

Oh lord. I can’t believe I forgot about this! The police showed up at my door, said they’d gotten a 911 call from my address. My little daughter, about 5, slowly slid in behind me. I turned around and said, “Corrie?!”
In her sweet little voice she said, “I just wanted to see my daddy.”

Lorna's avatar

@jonsblond 7. The cops said the operator heard heavy breathing until they arrived and then silence, because she had run upstairs and hid in her den. I asked her later why she did it, she said the babysitter was watching a scary film and someone was breathing down the phone on the film to scare the girl. The babysitter never came back!

ETpro's avatar

@jonsblond, @Dutchess_III, @Lorna My exploding pickup truck seems so tame now by comparison.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Oh no @ETpro! An exploding pick up would never be considered tame.

gailcalled's avatar

Not yet, but I am trying to teach Milo how to; you’d think with two thumbs and 16 fingers, it would be easy. Instead, I think he is phoning the pizza delivery guy, who seems to show up too often and with tuna pizza.

Dutchess_III's avatar

How does he have 16 fingers?

gailcalled's avatar

How not? (Occasionally cats have extra digits, it is true, but 16 is the norm.)

Dutchess_III's avatar

Shit! Nevermind! I was half asleep when I posted that. They have 20 digits all total, just like us. Unless, like the cat I had, they have an extra “thumb” on each “hand.”

gailcalled's avatar

Most cats do not have dew claws on their back paws, only 4 toes each.

Normal cats have a total of 18 toes, with five toes on each front paw and four toes on each hind paw; polydactyl cats may have as many as eight digits on their front and/or hind paws.”

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