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What is your claim to fame?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) June 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Have you ever been on tv? A radio show? Ever been mentioned by a famous person?been seen eating lunch with a famous director?

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I’ve appeared on court tv a couple times. Let me explain, I was on a jury for teen court. It was a lot of fun. Got to give punk kids community service hours.

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I can tell the difference between butter and “I can’t believe its not butter”

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I photo I took in the desert of Dubai was published in a geology textbook.

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I had my first science article published in a journal when I was 14.

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When I was 4 I came in 3rd in a city Christmas poetry contest. I won a silver dollar. I wish I could go back to those days.

Wait. Honorable mention, sorry. Time does inflate.

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i’ve been on pictures in the paper a few times, i jam with members of a band really well know in holland, for the rest nothing big….i’m number one in the world at the “chaos in the country” level in “The Club”

i could be even more famous if i get my fluther interview . . .

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When I worked at the wing shack, I got a picture put in the paper of me tossing wings. The article was for new resturants in my town, but there was a caption that had my name all over it.

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Put me in any shopping mall, anywhere in the world, and I can find my way around instantly. I will not get lost and I will remember exactly where I parked. I’ve always taken pride in that and considered it my personal claim to fame.

Beyond that, I was on Phil Donohue once and got to ask a question, oh and I was part of an audience shot when I saw a taping of Dr. Phil

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I’ve done a couple of TV spots, a radio interview, had my picture in a national newspaper (in France), and had several recipes published in books, all for chocolate/pastry related stuff. But that was all many years ago.

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The night before his election, Bush Jr. came to the little town of Wilmington, Ohio. I somehow got in the front row, and was on the CBS, ABC, and NBC evening news for about 15 seconds each, chanting, “FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!”.

Oh to be young, and a dumbass.

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I’ve been in a couple of music videos. And on tv a bit.

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one music video, one film, 2 short films, social magazines, tv a couple of times and 3 ads for a french fashion house, one for a british fashion house, and many local stuff

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I created a website that got featured on Wired Magazine and MTV. Even though my name was never mentioned, I still like the feeling though. I feel like I am more internet famous though. I mean my tumblelog has over 500 followers, i got featured in CSS galleries and a few aol sites like urlesque has a small picture of me on the sidebar.

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I am in the Media everyday. Of course it my job right now.

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I met and shook hands with Tom Hanks on the set of “Saturday Night Live” in the NBC Studios in NYC.

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I once made Douglas Adams very, very mad at me.

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I have a patent pending at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. But then, who doesn’t these days?

Oh, and I’ve just one degree of separation the new Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Ginger Reyes.

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@ chaosrob: details?

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I went to Colombia a few years back and helped those in need. I think I got just as much help as they did.

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@PupnTaco He was doing a book reading tour of Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul and I was in attendance. Sat there making very quiet smartass comments to people I was with while he was trying to start reading, which pissed him off. Followed up by arguing with him over the quality of his autograph, which made him slightly crazy. He almost threw a book at me. Still have the signed copy of Tea-Time, where you can see his handwriting sort of trail out…

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I was in a Honda dealership commercial that aired locally during the last episode of Friends.

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I appeared in a commercial with Mike Farrell of Mash on PBS when I was in the third grade. I had a quote by me appear in a story in the New York Times when I was in High School. I also was featured in an article for Information Week during the horrible IT job market post 9–11. And I’m also currently featured in the Testimonials section of Bushnell’s Golf website.


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@redsfan – that seems more like a claim to shame :)

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I adopted a puppy, thereby making the world A Better Place.

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I gave a 5-minute speech in HS in front of the entire student body (2,700 people). Many of my classmates still remember it and remind me about it 10 years later. I guess that’s more local-famous than famous-famous.

Not sure if this counts, but for work I’ve been promoting spiritual films. I got to be a part of putting into the world films like “The Celestine Prophecy,” “Conversations with God,” and “Peaceful Warrior.”

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I took a photo
printed worldwide.

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Wow. That’s a powerful photo you took there, BronxLens. Stunning.

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Don Burrows, a well known Australian Jazz musician was the first person to ever buy a copy one of my films, he paid $5 AUD for it!
Besides that I’ve been on TV a few times, been in the newspaper a few times… who hasn’t these days?

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