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Do you have a crazy funny song/video to share?

Asked by ibstubro (18644points) November 20th, 2013

I’m in the mood for crazy funny music and/or video. Extra points for a hilarious music video few of us have seen.

ROFLMAO funny.

Pee in your pants funny.


I’ll start because this is just crazy

(I love SCOTS!)

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Saw this Steve Martin acceptance speech a few days ago and loved it.

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@ucme That’s absolutely the most gooberish song/video I’ve seen in weeks. Thanks!

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First we’ll start with some songs everyone has heard but probably hasn’t seen the music video for them.

It’s Raining Men
Oh Yeah

Some funny songs(some have videos)
Zombie Prostitute
Elektronik Supersonik
Poop goes in the potty
Pope Song
Bohemian Rhapsody
Preform this way
I Don’t Want
The Worst Super Power Ever
Mein Land
Beauty Queen (Very Very NSFW lyrics)
I Like it

Some random videos
Wolverine gets fired
Marcel the shell with shoes on
Fertilizer Commercial
Don’t hug me, I’m Scared
Breaking Bad alternate ending (hilarious but some spoilers)
Breaking Bad Middle School Musical (spoilers up to end of S4)
Breaking Bad JR (Spoils up to first half of S5)
Batman Can’t stop thinking about sex…

hmmmm I should probably stop now….

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My own rendition of “Row, row, row your boat” sung to my goose Marwyn. He “rows” his flappy feet on que.

“Row, row, row your flappys, gently down the stream, Marwyn, Marwyn, Marwyn, Marrrrrrwyn….life is but a dream. lol

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I found this on facebook. Thought it was pretty funny :D
Best Voicemail Ever Gives Hilarious Play-by-Play of Car Accident

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@Smitha LOL, I just saw that in another question. I love it!

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The music video for I miss you by Björk. (If you’re gonna skip, at least catch 3:49 to the end).

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@dxs Bjork is always cool . Interesting video – lol !

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I love Björk.

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This claymation video is pretty crazy.

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@flutherother , loved the video . How about Flying Image

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@lx102303 That’s a good one, quite unsettling. For true weirdness though you can’t beat lettuce fingers

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I was just going to mention salad fingers. GA

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Bummer, kids, I can’t watch them all because I have limited internet usage. I’ll catch them all, eventually. I’m not ignoring the thread, just conserving my internet.

Of course I had to wwatch @flutherother‘s claymation! Very cool

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@dxs You’re right it’s salad fingers, not lettuce fingers. Once you start watching them you can’t stop.

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This one is great! I don’t know how they got the music timed like they did, but it is so spot on!

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@flutherother , Creepy and surreal ! I like this Salad Fingers , he seems like such a good fellow ! I’m a believer .

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The dark side of @lx102303!

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@Dutchess_III , loved that video . The music from Alien by Jerry Goldsmith was an ideal pairing with excellent timing .

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Another thread just reminded me of this classic video

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HILARIOUS! @Dutchess_III !

My favorite part was ‘Oh, wait, are the gonna stop filming if I scratch that itch in my ear? Nah…they’re _hooked!’

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@Valerie111 Even I found this on FB.

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Ah, I just watched it @uberbatman. Good one. Long time since I’ve seen it.

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If we’re veering into Salad Fingers territory, I should probably post Rejected.

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I liked that better than Salad Fingers, @glacial!

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@Valerie111 Well, those were fun !!

Hard to pick a favorite….

Thank you

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Crap! I’m going to have to ask for pictures the next time! Videos are eating my internet usage alive!

Nice, @Valerie111.

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@OneBadApple @ibstubro Thanks :D I think #14 is my favorite.

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Clever boy! @shego

I’d not seen that before, @Dutchess_III. Funny

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