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Using Evernote effectively?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (666points) November 20th, 2013

I have acquired a Wi-Fi enabled device and would love to start using Evernote to organize my life. Any suggestions for organization techniques or best practices?

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Evernote is the best application to store meeting notes and an occasional web clipping.Try putting everything in it that you want to hang onto and it can manage a multitude of notes very easily. You can get more information about Evernote here.

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I’ve been loving Evernote for several years now. The best suggestion that I can give you is to be very liberal with your application of tags. For example, if I were going to note this thread in an Evernote I would use the tags “Fluther”, “Evernote”, “Internet”, “Organization” and maybe some others that haven’t even occurred to me yet. (I would also include your handle as a comment.)

That way, when you do searches years from now you can search for the intersection of multiple tags to narrow your search results, or search on only one tag at a time to give a broader search.

Oh, and make sure that your setup includes the option to “include Evernote results in your searches”, so that as you google general terms, you’ll also be looking for those terms in your own Evernotes.

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I love Evernote. Sometimes when I’m in meetings and need to use my laptop to present PPT slides I can use one of my tablets (Kindle Fire or iPad) to take notes in Evernote. Once I sync, I have the notes available to me on all devices..makes sharing my notes easy peasy.

I carefully organize by both gratuitous use of both Notebooks and Tags. I keep work Notebooks and non-work Notebooks. I added the WebClipper to my Chrome tool bar—it acts like my own private Pinterest to save things (restaurants, maps, recipes to try).

My favorite business use of Evernote is to put my itinerary, addresses (hotel, client site) and confirmation numbers in it before I travel. (I travel a lot for work.)
That way, once I land and get in the rental car I don’t have to fumble around at all—I have the address & map right there, can click on it and have the phone navigate me to the address with one click. (Or enter the address in my traveling GPS unit..if I’ve brought it with me.)

Oh, and I got the Moleskin Evernote notebook. I mainly did it to try a free trial of Premium membership—but it has been handy for situations where I wanted to take hand-written notes & upload it later to share/keep digitally.

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Tax receipts. I snap everything with my phone, tag it 2013 taxes, and then just email the whole thing to my accountant.
also, work related certificates and continuing education. snap, tag, email on request.
If you go on business trips, you can snap your expenses for submission as well.

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I love evernote.

I use it mainly for online clipping so that I can search back the information I need for certain purposes.

Besides that, it is also for storing notes you would want to keep forever. Something like important notes (school notes, work notes) or even a diary.

there are several more application from evernote such as the evernote food, skitch, and evernote hello. I use the evernote food to make a food diary and also taking pictures of my meals without having to share it to people (mainly to myself only)

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