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Does home insurance cover this? How do I fix it?

Asked by filmfann (47298points) November 21st, 2013

I live in a house on a cement slab. When it rains, we have noticed water leaks into the house in one room, from under the base 2×4. The water is coming from the ground outside, not the roof.
I can’t remove the base 2×4 and chalk underneath it, because it is a load bearing wall.
What do I do?
Does normal home insurance cover such things?

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Can you get a pro who does excavation, driveway and drainage repair in to see about drainage pipes? They are normally built into the foundation when it is poured, so I don’t know how difficult it would be to add. (Can’t help you with the insurance.)

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No insurance wouldn’t cover that. It’s not an immediate and catastrophic occurrence, it’s over time that the damage occurs. Plus homeowners doesn’t cover damage from runoff or floods, so I’m guessing the insurance wouldn’t touch it.

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Regular home insurance does not cover “flooding.”

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Can you use Dry-Lock? We did that in our basement and it seldom floods any more.

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Talked to my contractor hubby. He says you need to have a licensed contractor or a plumber install rain drains (landscape drains) on that side of the house.
I thought a French drain might help but he says not really.

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Flood insurance cover water intrusion when the water is sitting around a house, not from normal rains. Sitting, because the ground cannot absorb the water faster enough because the downpour is so hard and so prolonged it is a “disaster” basically. That is not under regular homeowners, but you might have separate flood insurance, but flood insurance won’t cover normal rains. Your regular insurance probably won’t cover this either, but yiu can always call and ask your insurer if you want. Here’s the thing, the insurer will cover damage to your house, but if what needs fixing is the drainage in your yard, they will not pay for that.

I think your problem is one of two things, drainage that can be corrected with french drains or digging a better path for water to drain. You can place rocks in sleeves so the water runs off faster. Check your gutters coming down from the house and make sure the water is flowing away from the house well. If you have weep holes low to the ground, that can really allow water to flood in. Are you actually seeing during the rain where the water is pooling up around the house?

The other possibility is if your windows are not sealed well, it can seem like water is coming from the ground, but it actually gets in around the window, drips down the wall (if it is not a lot of water you might not see a wet mark on your wall) and then it puddles on the floor.

A good handyman should be able to help, you can get two opinions. It shouldn’t be too much to fix it. The most expensive thing I named was if you put the french drains in the yard. Yardwork can add up a little. Caulking windows isn’t expensive, although if all your windows need it, it might add up a little. In a very sunny climate we are told to do it every year, which I never have, but every 4 years is the longest I would go. Other climates 4–6 years, usually it is done when you paint the exterior also. The sun dries it out and weakens it.

I am not a home building expert, just someone who has dealt with some bits of water coming in now and then.

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