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Would anyone here ever sell their life on eBay?

Asked by celticsfan2008 (42points) June 26th, 2008

Look what this guy is doing after he and his girlfriend broke up:

Could any of you ever do this? I don’t think I could, how do you sell your friends and just move on?

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a better question might be why would anyone buy it. LOL did you see the great job he has? moving carpet. OR the last one was as a mine driver.

Why couldn’t he be a like a kangaroo herder or something cool?

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Yeah, how does he afford all of that stuff on a carpet mover?

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Heck no, now selling my friends on the other hand…..

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Well, he is not obviously selling “his life” he’s selling is house with everything that’s inside… He just wants to start again.
And maybe if I had to leave this country i would sell “my life” which would be everything in my home, its not worth that much, LOL! Maybe 50,000…

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I will sell osullivanbr if any one wants him :)

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No, but on the other hand selling family wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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how can he sell his friends, i dont get it?

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Tempting at times…

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No way!!!

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I doubt anyone wants to buy my life right now…if they do they have about 5 years of pre-med studying ahead, and then at least 5 years of medical residency. and i agree with waterskier…how do you sell friends? they aren’t your property and I doubt they want to be friends with any creep who hates his/her life that much that they had to buy another one. I wouldn’t be surprised if this auction starts a new trend though. Interesting…thanks for sharing this celticsfan!

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dude , get over it.

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Alright now. Seriously. I want the person who gave lurve to fabulous up there with her ruthless and heartbreaking offer to sell me, to step forward.

We need to have words.

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