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Yet another iPhone question... to AppleCare or not to AppleCare? (Original warranties expire in two or three days).

Asked by kevbo (25667points) June 26th, 2008

This is also meant to serve as a tickler for those of you who have zero day iPhones. Anyway, I don’t plan on upgrading. Is $69 for AppleCare worth it for the next year? Anyone have positive AppleCare experiences?

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I’ve bought APP for all my macs and pods, but not the phone. I pay an additional couple of euros on top of my contract fee for a comprehensive insurance. Realistically I think I’m far more likely to encounter physical damage or account/carrier problems than device malfunction. And for that reason I think I’m better off with the insurance than the APP when it comes to iPhone.

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Will they still give you assistance once the new iphone hits the market? I have tried to get support for year old software that apple made a new version of and they refused to assist with my problem even with app care. Just my 2 cents

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If you can afford it, do it. I’ve had Apple swap my iPhone when it stopped being able to connect to wifi.

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I also didn’t get APP for my iPhone, but religiously get it for my macs and I also got it with my 60GB iPod. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them so far. The last time I used it, my girlfriend dropped my 60GB iPod and it stopped working. I called Apple on a Friday, knowing full well that they were not required to replace it, but on Wednesday morning the doorbell rang and I had a brand new 60GB iPod. YMMV.

I sold my 1.0 iPhone in preparation for a 3G iPhone and I’m not sure if I’ll get APP for that. I will almost certainly end up Jailbreaking it, which voids the warranty anyway, so I don’t see much point in springing for Applecare. Also, cel phones come out so frequently and the tech moves so fast, that its more likely that I’ll want to just upgrade rather than hold onto one for the full term of APP.

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I’m debating this exact same question.
I think I will if it’s not too late as long as they will continue to help after the 2.0 update (see vectorul’s answer) There’s no 3G where I live, so I’m not upgrading either. Please let us know what you decide/d, Kevbo.

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I bought it at the 11th hour. I figured either it would crap out sometime in the year and I’d get a new one or I’ll just wait until next year to upgrade. Didn’t really factor in vectorul’s concern. Perhaps I should have asked.

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@ kevbo ~ I missed my deadline :0(
I bought it late June and got it 7/6 but didn’t activate it until a couple of weeks later, so I got confused. I’m pretty sure they won’t let me use the activation date because it’s a purchase plan, right?
I’m going to call, but definitely not this weekend, I think their phonelines will be quite busy!

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