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How often do you make/eat stuffing?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) November 25th, 2013

I mean the home made kind, but Stovetop is cool too.

Man, I love stuffing, but hardly ever make it. How can we promote stuffing as a side dish?

(Crap, I’m wanting cornbread now, too.)

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Generally 1 to 2 times a year to make it, but the leftovers go on for a week or more after each instance.

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Funny you should ask this, because we just had stuffing about a week ago (it was Stovetop) with some pork chops. It was so good, and we wondered why we don’t do that more often! Usually, we just have it once a year on Thanksgiving. My husband makes homemade stuffing for that.

But not this year, damn it. He has to work this Thanksgiving, for black Friday Thursday. Hmph.

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I’ve never made stuffing before, and I’ve never eaten homemade stuffing either. @ibstubro Since you like stuffing I guess you must try Stuffed Camel. the recipe is a multilayered stuffing of chicken, eggs, fish and sheep in a whole camel! This is a traditional Bedouin dish served at wedding banquets for prominent members of Arabic society and other events large enough to host a whole stuffed camel.

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Only on Thanksgiving. It’s something to look forward to every year. :)

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I make homemade stuffing and we only eat it at christmas. I too wonder why because I love it.

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Usually around once a month.

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Never. Can’t stand the stuff.

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What a great week, @ETpro. I love leftovers and I love stuffing!

@augustlan From a boxed dinner I used to get, I dump Stovetop and the ingredients to make if in a 9×13 baking dish. Stir well, then hump it up in the middle a bit and lay 4–6 pork chops on the ends. Cover the chops in gravy (can or bottle is fine) and sprinkle them lightly with seasoned bread crumbs. Bake about 45 minutes. Fast, easy, low mess meal.

(No, I do not eat meat, but I’m not adverse to cooking it.)

@Smitha As a non meat eater, I’ll forgo the stuffed camel. Sounds like quite the event! Even more of a production than the Western tradition of Hog Roast.

@Valerie111 & @LornaIove We need to start an Easter stuffing tradition!

Good for you, @YARNLADY! Home made or boxed? Either way is good. :)

MORE FOR THE REST OF US! @livelaughlove21

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Try putting a little disk of sage and onlion stuffing in your burgers, you can also make an excuse to eat it by using it as breadcrums to batter chicken.

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The breadcrumbs for chicken (fish) (OYSTERS!) sound great, @poisonedantidote.

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I’m making homemade stuffing for the first time this year. We don’t eat it other than Thanksgiving. I think that’s part of the Thanksgiving appeal.

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Before this year I would have it once or twice a year, other than Thanksgiving. But this year I have cutout almost all carbs, and so even on Thursday I will only have a tablespoon of stuffing.

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If it helps any, @Cupcake, my first time was SO successful there was never a second time. Perfection. No more practice. :)

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That’s so sad, @zenvelo.

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Well honey, you can go southern or northern with your stuffing, which is cornbread or white bread. Always used homemade bread when possible. Other than that it’s just brother and seasoning.

My mom, da bomb, puts it in muffin pans, so it’s a personal amount that is more suited to the individual, and it also gets a little crispier than typical presentation. And it’s prettier.

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I do both homemade and boxed. When the boxed is on sale, I stock up. Of course, I always personalize the boxed with things we like.

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The only time I make it from scratch is at Christmas, but I make “packet” stuffing once or twice a month. Usually when we’ve been up north and stocked up on saveloys, stotties and pease pudding. @ucme will know what I’m talking about :)

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No, no, no. @KNOWITALL You’re totally ignoring the celery, onions and (hopefully) mushrooms,oysters!

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@ibstubro Well yeah at least celery and onions, see mama usually makes it, this is my first year being in charge of the stuffing (God help us all)——and no brothers, I meant broth…lol

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@YARNLADY Unless you’re using some special flavor, the stuffing at Aldi and the Dollar Tree is pretty good.

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Never / always*

*Unless it’s loaded with celery

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I add any of the following, celery, onions, carrots, chopped cabbage, corn, sausage, garlic, raisins and what ever else I have on hand.

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Hold the raisins @YARNLADY. Chopped cabbage sounds good, though, like you could make eggrolls with it! What no mushrooms?

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I make it when ever I make a whole chicken, I love my wild rice stuffing, which I make more in the winter than in the summer but a good roasted chicken dinner is so yummy and filling.

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Oh, I’m fond of wild rice myself, @creative1. Crunchy & nutty.

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@ibstubro mmmmmm oh yes it offers such a good mix with the stuffing, now you have me wanting some wild rice stuffing.

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Well, make some for Thanksgiving! @creative1
I saw a 10# bag of wild rice a while back, and it was maybe $30!

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I bought a big bag of the stuff at restaurant depot a while back so I have plenty. The sister who is hosting thanksgiving for our family this year likes plain stuffing so I said I would make the carmel pecan rolls.

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(Like you can have too much stuffing!)

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