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Do you trust large Corporations when they say, we do it all for you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19815points) November 26th, 2013

Personally I do not trust large Corporations at all, and want to woof my cookies when they say things like, we do it all for you.
They are strictly in it for the bottom line, so don’t tell me your doing it all for me, they could care less if I live or die.
What’s your take on it??

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Give me an example, I don’t believe in generalizations.

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In a word, no. The main product of any large corporation is by definition profit. If a corporation is doing something for you, it is because it will eventually or potentially result in a profit. McDonald’s will “do it all for you,” and Burger King will let you “have it your way”. The slogans are designed to make you think they’re doing something for you, but in reality they are all paying attention to the bottom line.

They sincerely hope you don’t die, because if you’re dead you can’t spend any money on their product.

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“Do it all for you…”
That just put that Bryan Adams song in my head…thanks a bunch :(

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@Yetanotheruser totally true,but I still think they could care less if I live or die.

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@KNOWITALL just look at @Yetanotheruser for an example he gave some good ones.

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Absolutely not. Also, whenever corporations appear to do something altruistic or philanthropic, you can bet that it is only for PR and marketing reasons, and they’ll abandon whatever PR stunt they’re doing as soon as it is expedient to do so.

It’s problematic, though. Corporations have amassed so much wealth, so much power, and monopolise the world’s resources so much, that there’s no simple way of opting out or boycotting them in any way.

They buy government power to write laws and regulations. and set policy decisions to suit their interests.

They own most of the mass media and popular news outlets, paying professional propagandists millions a year to present a narrative of world, economic, and political affairs to suit their interests (you’ll find them on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc.)

They pour vast resources into various ideological think-tanks masquerading as quasi-academic institutions, presenting economic and political theories which just happen to suit their interests.

We’re inundated with the language of corporations. Their slogans, their self-serving narratives. Whatever they touch (with money, of course) they will twist to serve their purposes and interests. This is the nature of the beast. They have no choice but to strive for every more profit, and all while doing their best to avoid actual competition—so many markets are now oligopolies dominated by a few corporations acting effectively as cartels.

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@SQUEEKY2 I work for one, I’m not saying it’s not about profit, but if you legally sell a product and make money doing so, it’s not inherently wrong or ‘getting one over on someone’. Sometimes demand drives your supply remember?

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@KNOWITALL I never said it was right or wrong,but to say they do it all for me makes me want to chuck my cookies,maybe more truthful if they said they do it all for MY money, at least that would be the truth.

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@Kropotkin Super excellent answer.

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@SQUEEKY2 Trust me, they’d screw me over before they screwed you over but the latter part of your post is true, it is for your money.

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Gasoline is she SHIT.

I’ve not been able to to enjoy the activity of driving without it.

The production of oil into motor fuels is nothing short of a technological miracle.

It’s an incredibly complex and expensive process that in the end makes our very way of living possible.

Regarding the gasoline retailer:

Have you noticed that you never see stations that sell only gas?

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because the profit margin on fuel at this point is so narrow it cannot support an outlet alone.

This would be a great place to blame the evil, EVIL big oil companies.

But before you do look into the naked greed of government in the form of fuel taxes.

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@SecondHandStoke My town has two gas stations that sell only gas. Oil companies have been posting record profits year after year. Most fuel taxes are passed on directly to the consumer and cost the company nothing, and oil is still a subsidized industry in the United States. To say that the profit margin on fuel is narrow is misleading in at least three ways. For one, oil companies have always focused on quantity of sales as their main strategy. For another, the profit margin on fuel is not much narrower than the profit margin on other industries, such as manufacturing. And finally, a company’s profit margin doesn’t include salaries and benefits paid to employees. It’s easy to narrow your profit margin when you pay your CEO and board of directors most of what you take in.

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I was in advertising for 30 years and got paid to write that kind of crap. :(

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What, you must be joking!

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Corporations are there to make money by offering services, although I’m pretty sure most of them don’t go beyond what is necessary as far as the well being and contentment of their customers go.

I am suddenly reminded of when I bought my PlayStation 4, and if I paid 130 dollars more, it would be guaranteed for five years. So if it fucks up, they’ll fix it for me. But I know how that works, haha…if my console breaks, whatever happens to it, they’ll find some reason on the particular problem and why it isn’t applicable to their deal.

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They are strictly in it for the bottom line, so don’t tell me your doing it all for me, they could care less if I live or die.

And the way only way they can profit is by “doing it” for you and “doing it” well and in order for them to “do it” for you, and collect your money, they must make sure you’re not dead.

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There’s also a lot of ramifications of treating a customer poorly, and consumer protection laws and regulations for many industries. You are the bread and butter for most businesses, you have recourse, you have the BBB and corporate complaints.

If any corporation tries to get over on you for any reason, contact your state’s attorney general and file official complaints. I’ve done it a few times and the issue is always resolved. Know your power as a consumer.

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Of course they aren’t doing it for me.

They’re doing it for that guy on the corner that sleeps in a box.

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@SecondHandStoke That would be a false dilemma fallacy. They’re not doing it for you, they’re not doing it for the guy in the box, and they’re not doing it for the glory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They’re doing it for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that, but trying to cover it up is bound to raise suspicions.

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It would be sarcasm.

All hail the FSM.

Greatly to be praised.

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R’amen, @SecondHandStoke. R’amen.

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