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The slaughter of Native Americans on some Thanksgiving, is it myth or truth; what do you think?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 27th, 2013

If you search the Net over you come across certain articles that allude to the supposed kind settlers repaying the gratitude of the Native Americans, some of which helped them survive the winter, by slaughtering them, men, women, and the children. That is, before plundering their land and placing those not killed on reservations to dwindle and die. What do you think massacres of Native Americans on Thanksgiving real or just myth and legend?

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The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of a massacre carried out by the Pilgrims and their Allied indian tribes over a rival tribe.

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Most of the native people were dead of plague by the time the Mayflower landed. There weren’t that many Pilgrams so some must have tried to find their way to Amsterdam or wherever they were headed. I assume it was the Puritan Pilgrim settlement that supposedly had the first thanksgiving but they would have despised the Natives unless they converted. They’d never sit down and eat with them if they had not been Christianized.

I have no idea what really happened if anything.

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VERY possible! During the California gold rush days, the peaceful mountain Indians were shot for fun. Men, women, children…

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The first Indians we met became slaves, and were taken back to Europe.
Many of the first tribes we encountered were decimated by small pox, measles, and other diseases that the settlers accidentally infected them with. The Indians had no immunities, and it ran like the black plague.
Yes, we did kill a lot of Indians, and we did break a lot of treaties. I am unaware of any massacres on Thanksgiving Day.

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I have no proof, but I don’t doubt for a second that some dudes on wooden boats came over here and fucked shit up. Ain’t the first time in history that happened.

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Yeah. I heard that they didn’t make such good slaves, either @filmfann.

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Both Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are days that should be put to remembering both the historical and ongoing neglect, abuse and genocidal acts committed against those who lived in North American long before European settlers arrived, having claimed to discover the place. It is not too late to learn about the original inhabitants who still exist and to set aside your colonial attitudes and behaviours.

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