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What supports does one need to live in a comunity with Aspergers?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) November 28th, 2013

For an adult in Alberta. I was told that I don’t have the supports to return to my home town of Jasper National Park and that I would have to live in Red Deer for now.

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Asperger’s is no longer a diagnosed condition.

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@flip86 O.k. it is called autism spectrum disorder… What skills/help do I need to live on my own?

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It wasn’t just renamed. Autism spectrum disorder is much broader and most people who were diagnosed with Asperger’s, no longer qualify for a diagnosis under the new criteria.

I really don’t know what this means for people. Probably not good.

That being said, skills that you would need include, being able to cook for yourself, budgeting money, holding down a job if necessary, basic cleaning skills, making a grocery list/shopping for those items, and community supports or supportive family members.

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I get by with just my wife and a habit of choosing jobs that play to my strengths (visualization, math, and attention to detail) than those that expose my weaknesses (social skills, like those required for customer service).

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Usually when officials talk about supports they mean either living in a group home situation or having residential support people who live with you. The level of support a person requires depends upon their regular ability to perform necessary life skills. Maybe they want you see you build up those skills before you live on your own.

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With the difficulties of interacting socially with people, it is important to have a few people close with you who sometimes serve as a buffer in situations where coping is the most challenging.

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