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The Thanksgiving dinner you ate: Was the stuffing from a box or from scratch?

Asked by jca (36062points) November 28th, 2013

Where ever you had your Thanksgiving dinner, was the stuffing from a box, like Stove Top, or was it from scratch?

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Gluten free this year. I had to skip the stuffing and the gravy and I also had to go dairy free so I missed the mashed potatoes too!!

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Funny you ask…there were three different stuffings this year:
One was from a box because one person likes that one the best (It’s the Stove Top one).
One was made by someone who had been dying to try this new recipe.
The last was a homemade one that someone brings every year.

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Box. Bell’s stuffing.

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It was from scratch. We ran out of bread, so I made my son use wheat checks. He put in too many (how to guess??) and it came out dry, but tasted good. He also made a pumpkin stuffing that was great. It was cooked right in the pumpkin.

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From scratch, everything in our family Thanksgiving is made from scratch.

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From scratch, as usual. However, someone other than the cook covered it to keep it warm, and it got a bit soggy.

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Always from scratch.

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Everything we serve is from scratch.

Two types of stuffing: Traditional with sausage and Cornbread with cranberries.

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Scratch. Soggier than I like, almost pudding. Good flavor, though.

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If we had made stuffing it would have been from a box with cashews added. But, we didn’t have stuffing, we had paella from scratch, stuffed poblano peppers, and scalloped potatoes. Desert was a pear pie with an almond crust (I still haven’t tasted it yet) and mounds cake (my favorite).

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We had gluten-free Thanksgiving because my mother has celiac disease that was diagnosed over 10 years ago. Back then is was nearly impossible to find good gluten-free options. This year was our 3rd year hosting. Previously we made cornbread and tried to use that in stuffing, but it fell apart. This year, we bought a couple loaves of gluten-free bread at the supermarket and used that for stuffing from scratch. We used corn pasta for the Macs’n’Cheese, along with lactose-free milk and sheeps milk cheeses for a low-lactose option ,as my mother has also developed lactose-intolerance. Other than butter, all the other dishes were lactose-free using the lactose free Skim Plus milk or unsweetened organic Almond Milk.

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@YARNLADY “pumpkin stuffing that…. was cooked right in the pumpkin.” Wow ! I am going to pass that along, sounds like a great idea.

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This seems appropriate, once again. Add to this our sweet little boy with autism who eats only white chicken, popcorn and edamame beans.

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We went out to dinner, so I avoided the stuffing, because it was almost guaranteed to have been made with chicken stock.

When we make it at home, we usually use Mrs. Cubbison’s boxed mix, as opposed to any other boxed mix, because it does not contain any meat products in the ingredients, most of them do. I use vegetable broth to make it.

My Grandma used to use Mrs. Cubbison’s too, when I was a little kid, so my family likes it because it tastes like home.

I’d be happy to make some homemade stuffing (vegetarian of course) but I don’t think anyone would eat it. They like the Mrs. Cubbison’s stuff and fear variations.

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From scratch and it was cooked inside the turkey. It came out wonderfully.

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My wife made cornbread stuffing from scratch this year for the first time.

It tasted pretty good with turkey and cranberries.

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