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What do you think of "duke it out" section in every question?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) June 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I noticed that many, many questions have many responses, but sometimes, these responses are because of 2 or 3 people arguing their point. Is there any way to let these people make their arguments within the question but separate from the actual answers? We Flutherites are already aware of thread hijacking via changing the topic. But what about thread hijacking via argument? Any other solutions/ comments?

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That’s what the private comments are for.

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that would be kind of cool, you could enter a special “sub-thread” called the argument section and then the thread wouldnt be full of useless crap. i feel like i would use this a lot :)

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@scamp, but if they are private comments then no one else can see it, and for example defend you or take someones side in the argument

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I was answering this part of the question….Is there any way to let these people make their arguments within the question but separate from the actual answers?

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no, because that clearly says “make their arguments within the quesion

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I like the idea jcs. There could be a button called “duke it out with….”. for example, right now, scamp could click on a button saying “duke it out with waterskier” and they could have a subthread or something. That way people who just want to skim the answers can read them and those who want to read the arguments and get involved in the debate can expand the duke it out with thread.

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This is the point where scamp gets tired of banging her head against the wall and leaves the thread because she is tired of nit picking.

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i just dont see how you were answering the question, when the description clearly says within the question, and your response to back yourself up clearly includes that part

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< < lurve to @waterskiier and @scamp for so perfectly illustrating the point.

And of course, the Watering Hole chatroom is a viable locale, too.

Personally, I do think it would be kinda cool to see a “duke it out” section embedded/alongside the regular quips so that it could be kept for posterity and referred back to later.

Flip side would be that I’m sure many folks would be chagrined to see their in-the-heat-of-the-moment dialog preserved for all time.

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I had an early experience with that on Fluther. I just had no idea the stuff would get so heated. It was interesting, but in the end not necessarily enlightening (unless it was to others) since neither party changed the other’s mind.

It sort of just happened so it might be up to onlookers or moderators to determine what goes into a Duke It Out section. How would that be administered?

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I like this idea of a “duke-it-out” section. Makes a lot of sense to me to separate real answers from arguing.

Could be tricky, though: Who would decide what belongs in it? It could be interesting if the participants think they are answering the question but the moderators decide they’re duking it out. Could get the same complaints as “why was my question removed?”

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I am a fan of the “keep it simple” movement here.

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If the Fluther people were up for it, they could incorporate nested comments, like Digg. They are collapse-able so the people involved in the argument could continue to talk to one another, and the people uninvolved could continue to attempt to answer the question at hand,

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is skimming all that hard. If clicking is involved or reorienting myself to multiple formats is required, I will lose it. Plus the quick and obvious cronology of the comments just makes sense. The story of each question just unfolds with a scroll down.

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no idea im wrkin out, how 2 use this software

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