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Has a pervert ever taken advantage of free frisking at airports and border crossings?(NSFW)

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) December 1st, 2013

You know to save money?

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Save money? I usually have to pay $50 to be “detained!”

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That’s what you call a real Flight Risk.

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Ha! I don’t know, but I love the idea. Next time a TSA agent gives me a hard time, I’m going there. I’ll be like, “Oooohhh, baby. Do that some more. Down a little… Over to the right some… Your hands are so hot…”

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Gives @ETpro a quick frisk…

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@zenzen is getting frisky!

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@Tropical_Willie Jealous? I have more frisks where that came from big guy.

There goes the thread. Sorry. Anyone feel like a food fight?

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This reminds me of the airport security scene in Spinal Tap.

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OKAY get in the pancake position

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I guess that is a great idea on how to fuck with the fascists, just start moaning when they start patting you down.

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@Tropical_Willie Me? You know, it takes one to know one – how about you assume said position first. ;-)

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NEKKID pancakes and bring out the canned whipped creme.

Glad to see YA. @zenzen

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Good to see you my friend ^5 @Tropical_Willie

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