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Why don't you just click on GQ and GA dammit?

Asked by zenzen (4082points) December 1st, 2013

Not for me – I will only start over again anyway should my lurve get high and annoying, but at least for the noobies and those who collect prizes and stuff… and just to say hey, you asked a great quesion – or hey, thanks for answering me…


I’ve been looking at the accumulated nearly 1000 questions I’ve had since the last time I came here – and one thing struck me – no-one is GA ing or GQ ing anymore. Why is that?

Statistically, jellies have forgotton the seemingly common courtesy – GA and GQ. I hate even “asking a question” of this annoying thing… but thought I’d share my thoughts about it.

I checked, it’s been a year since I last asked it in another account… thanks for reading… thoughts?

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I would GQ but . . .

I’ll GA instead..

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It may be strategic.

We’ve had some new people come in, and the old folk may be holding off a little in order to bump up the lurve. I know my score has gone up a bit since the Askvillers arrived.

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I’ll wait to GA later!

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I’ve always wondered about this too. But I’m a noobie and if I asked something a long these lines I’d probably just be called a damn noob who doesn’t “get it” here and doesn’t understand how to be liked here. That’s just my feeling anyway.

Also I always felt like the seasoned members liked each others familiarity to the point where they agreed and GQ’d most of each others answers and when an interesting perspective comes from a noobie it’s really not “as” worthy as someone that might’ve answered a question casually but knowing them for a while gives them a GQ because of the experience they’ve had with the user.

I think more people are into answering than asking questions and of course their profile number scores go up. While the person who asked the question only get’s a max of 3 points per GQ. It seems the reapers of this are those who are experienced and GA’d

And you said, “Statistically, jellies have forgotton the seemingly common courtesy – GA and GQ.”

I agree with this. I don’t GA or GQ someone because I hold what they say true to my heart or I’m even of their shoes. But I do it out of courtesy if the question is thought provoking in anyway shape or form as to cause conversation within the topic/thread.

But at the end of the day, points shmoints… I do see it more as a courtesy/be nice kind of gesture.

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We’re less active. There were many more users when you were active Zen. There are fewer people to hand out lurve now.

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I’m seeing a lot of GQ and GA to our batch of new dudes and dudettes, actually. I give them some myself. I admit, I often forget but I don’t care about it so it’s hard making it a priority. Lurve is stupid, I’d love to see how this site would actually run if that feature didn’t exist.
(I suppose being a fan of the general forum or message board for years has made me all old fashion no? Don’t they got likes and shit on FuckBook that dominate people’s lives?)
And as stated by @jonsblond there are a lot less people here, so if Einstein was such a genius, that explains that. Lol.
And as for giving points to vets on here, most peeps are maxed out on each other, so who the hell cares lol.

Well no, I kid thar bro, I guess it’s cool that people feel appreciated or acknowledged even if technically, they’re no longer getting points from folks, new or old.

I’ll do better, but if I don’t GA or GQ someone, it’s not out of spite or anything, I just don’t think to do it all the time, dun mean I don’t appreciate the people. What’s important is, if I don’t appreciate them, they’ll know hahaha

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Also, pirates are cool.

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Frankly, unless I asked the question, I usually don’t read all of the answers in the threads that I join. I read from some of the folks I know, and sort of randomly among those that seem to be well-worded, punctuated and formatted with occasional paragraph breaks, etc.

When I read the answers, I often do GA them if I liked anything about them. When I ask the question I normally GA every answer that’s at least on-topic (or funny, interesting or thoughtful, regardless of its applicability to the question).

GQ, as usual.

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Personally, I’d prefer to think that “Great answer” and “Great question” actually mean something more than “Here’s your reward for entering some text in a box”, or “Congratulations on not completely sucking”.

If there were a culture here of gratuitously handing out GAs, like we do on the party threads, that would completely devalue what little value the lurve system already has. If your intent in clicking those buttons is to give a little nod of appreciation to a user, and yet that user knows that this is just something that you routinely do because you feel it’s expected, then even that message of appreciation is robbed of meaning. Gee, thanks.

I certainly agree that lurve behavior ebbs and flows, and I think that’s because it’s fundamentally an economic behavior, subject to many of the same quirky psychological influences that create economic booms and busts. Some threads are oddly “lurve-lean”, some are inexplicably “lurve-fat”. Some users acquire something of a fan base, and almost anything they post will collect lurve; but if those fans leave, suddenly the Flutherverse seems cold and lurveless.

Ultimately, the lurve system reflects our collective human quirkiness. It’s interesting as hell, really.

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@zenzen, I clicked GA for @thorninmud ‘s comment. And just so you know I did, I’m also writing to say GA, @thorninmud.

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It seems like people measure their self worth by likes/loves/GA/GQ/tags.
One’s self-worth should not be dependent on something as insignificant as GA or GQ.
If you use a GA or GQ as a measure of your Return on investment, then maybe there is something else going on.
I am here for the pancakes.

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I sometimes do & sometimes don’t, that’s kinda the way it goes with meaningless crap.

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I only use those for thing’s that stand out as really ‘good’ or ‘great’, I’m not in for gratuitous lurve and I’m constantly surprised at how many people care. I’m just here for knowledge, nothing more or less.

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I think it’s because there’s a preponderance of ‘heritage’ members, and they get out of the habit of rating each other because there are no points assessed. Then the new members see that they’re not getting many points, so they stop doing it, too.

It’s too bad the developers didn’t put the GQ box at the bottom of the page where it could be clicked AFTER you’ve read the responses and written your own. Many times a question might seem inane, but the answers really make you get into it.

If I ask a question, I rate GA to everyone that participates on-topic/thread. EVERYONE. And I’ve been told by a long standing member that that is annoying.

I rate noobies a lot higher and a lot faster to encourage them. I want them to feel rewarded and appreciated. If it’s a noobie I know from previous, I’ll lurk around and give them my 100 max points asap.

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If you give out GA and GQ too regularly as happens with the ‘parties’ that are held here it becomes meaningless. I think it depends on my mood. Sometimes I give a lot of GA’s and other times I am mean and I don’t. GQ by the way.

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Pretended like I was at a K party and gave EVERYONE a GA and gave you a GQ, Zenmaster!

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@ibstubro I always GA everyone that takes the time to answer one of my questions. If someone wants to call that annoying, to hell with ‘em.

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This is getting interesting, so i’ll just clear something up, for my own sake if nothing else.
I hope @ibstubro isn’t referring to me as the long standing member, we had a bit of a spat recently over GA’s, but at no point did I say it was annoying that all answers received it on his questions, quite the opposite in fact. All I said was that I found it funny that he didn’t lurve all answers on his threads, to which he replied the following…

No, @ucme. I’ve topped out my 100 points on you, so I don’t award for participation anymore, but for good answers. I specifically stated that the compliment was not intended to be backhanded. So while I appreciate you answering, and enjoyed your answer, it was not, technically, a good answer according to the question as stated.

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I consider answers way more important than questions. Ideally, they help. I never give a GQ unless it is amazing since I have to scroll back up to do it.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Is that why we are getting a bunch of stupid teenage -y retarded questions?

“oh what does this dream mean” “oh does he like me?” “Oh what do I do if I like this boy?”

It’s fking annoying.

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You should have been there in Askville, you would have really got frustrated. When I joined Askville there was hardly any interesting questions, the few ones were from the regular members. There were just a handful of members to answer the questions. Almost all questions were about pregnancy and silly questions by teenagers. Each question had just three or four answers and that’s all. But still we were happy there sharing our views and getting to know each other. May be that’s why I find here more interesting. The questions are interesting and the answers too are great. I too use a GA and GQ because some answers or questions are really worth giving. I also use the GA if I find their opinion matches mine. Here the people are really enthusiastic and you get a minimum 10–15 responses. If ever I ask a question, I too would GA all the people who took time to read my question and answer it.

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With askville gone, there’s one less place for the 12 year olds to congregate

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I agree, @Seek_Kolinahr. With Askville gone, @Smitha‘s “silly questions by teenagers” have migrated here, @XOIIO.

The upside is that most of them will find Fluther boring and wander away. Those that stay we can help raise.

Count our blessing that we have mods on Fluther that filter the “Do you think I’m pretty?” and “Should I buy this swimming suit [insert porn star link] for my grillfiend?” questions.

You peeps have not SEEN “fking annoying”!

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grillfriend! Lol!!

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I’ll take that as a no then, just as well.

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If any future development work is done in Fluther, I hope that one of the enhancements will be a “GA Dammit” button.

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Can we put that at the bottom of the page, @CWOTUS?

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I got raked over the coals about lurve quite a while back, and I’m not giving out GW’s or GQ’s. Lurve is the Fluther scam. Been there, done that in spades! And seriously, if I could, I’d disable the lurve thingy on my profile, but I can’t.

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@snowberry Not a very lucrative “scam”, since it has no value whatsoever…

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@glacial Yep. Not so much.

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There might be a better word for it, but I can’t think of one…

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I was bored.

If anyone actually cares and uses chrome / Firefox and greasemonkey…

It looks like this.

Clicking on GA will reload the page. You were warned.

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@CWOTUS Thanks amigo. And fucking GA, dammit.,

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I just did dammit. Your wish is my belated command dear.

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You had me at dear.

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@lillycoyote!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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