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Screwed over by debate team?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) December 2nd, 2013

So today was the first leg of debates. We split up the work into different arguments; I was supposed to do all the talking for DRM, and my other two partners were supposed to do it for a different topic. Even though I was not doing the other topic, I did a ton of research anyway and gave them specific things to read for our arguments/counter arguments. Instead, when actually speaking, they were really awkward and skipped over half of the information I gave them (printed out on a sheet of paper and everything) thereby making our argument seem more weak than it actually was. As a result of not including this information in their delivery, we lost. Is there anything I can do or say to the professor to help my grade? I’m handling the next debate, so it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m basically on the line right now between an A and a B. If we get a bad score on these debates, I will get a B in the class, which will push my total GPA below a 3.0……I’m really upset and kinda feel screwed over…..

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Just tell your professor you worked with bums and want extra credit to compensate for their inadequacies. That’s what I’d do.

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You could show the professor the work that you prepared, but why bother? It’s over.

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Group projects suck. Professors know that. Just do a good job and let your preparation and hard work shine.

I wouldn’t badmouth your classmates to your professor. If you feel the need to discuss it, say something like “I am really working hard to get an A in your class. Do you have any advice for me?”

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This is the result of your failure as a leader, especially your failure to know your underlings’ strength and weaknesses, and your failure to prepare them for the debate.
And no, just giving them a piece of paper á la “eat, bird, or die” does not suffice.
Doing so also likely results in resentment, as it is seen as an implicit insult, leading to the supplied information to be ignored.
You need to come together as a group and go through each of the arguments together, for each team member, including yourself, and work to make everyone understand, why the arguments are important.
You have to make everyone participate in this discussion, to foster investment in the entire assignment.
Practice the debate among the group.

Learn from your failure and do better next time. Start by talking to your current team to find out why they did not/could not use your information in their arguments.

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I regret the implications regarding your gpa, and disagree that your situation is necessarily about a failure of leadership. Any teacher worth his salt will appreciate a situation where talent is saddled with ineptitude. If your own performance is outstanding, forget about the bungling of your team mates. By the way, this experience, will serve you well for the remainder of your life as a lesson on the hazards of partnerships.

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Here’s the issue though, it’s not like it was out of resentment. In fact, the only reason I even supplied the extra research is because I checked the information they were going to read and hour before the debate (because they wanted free reign on the topic to allow me to focus on mine) and they had nothing! Without even the information I provided the argument would’ve been worse than it already was. They skipped over it out of nervousness. I am not the leader on this project, but I did volunteer to present for us more than once. But because I was doing the work for the other argument, they had to do it for this one or else i would basically be the only one from the group talking. But even after asking them repeatedly if they were sure they could present it without my input, they said they could. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

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Clearly you’re the firecracker in this group, and you’ve yet to state whether or not you are still afflicted with your team. If so, you should tell them what you expect from them. Apparently, they are unaccustomed to debating, and are certainly not up to your standards. If they are not prepared to make the necessary effort, your only recourse is to layout your case before your instructor.

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@cutiepi92 What @ragingloli said is a bitter pill, and may seem unfair. But the advice will work, and bitching about the losers you are surrounded with will not. Soldier on as best you can.

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See many above. Do you imagine you will always be surrounded by people who are as dedicated as yourself in common pursuits.
Get used to this. And work hard anyway to please your own soul.

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I appreciate all the work that you did, but having the information is not enough for a debate. You really have to practice beforehand. This is especially the case since you are the one who did most of the research. Your team members need to assimilate the information so that it becomes second nature. Any notes that you have should serve one of two purposes. They should either be a brief reminder of the points that you want to make or else provide specific references to the sources of your information.

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^ I guess it’s just irritating because I wasn’t even supposed to do that much work in the first place; I only did it then because they were foolishly unprepared at the last minute. At this point, I’m just planning to memorize both arguments for the next debate and do all of the arguing myself…... god i hate group work. i’m always put with people that don’t want to work hard

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