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Is there a website where i can make a chart with this data?

Asked by Recon_Warrior (22points) December 3rd, 2013

So my project is about changes in how a recipe turns out when using egg substitutes and eggs. I have all the data I need, but I need a website where I can make some charts for it. I’ve tried Excel 2013, but I find it only helpful for graphs. I have 4 factors, weight, mass, height, and density. I have 3 different recipes and I bake them each 6 times, 3 using eggs, 3 using a substitute. and then I average the density, mass, weight, and height for each group of 3. Is there a website where you can chart this on a chart? Preferably an easy to make chart?

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It’s not at all clear what you want to chart, but there are all kinds of statistical analysis software sites that you could examine. Some of them may offer “free” (crippled, “student”) packages in order for you to test various types of co-variance and multiple variable relationships, as you describe.

In the past I’ve used the “full” version of Minitab which at one time, I think, offered a “free” version online for students. I don’t see it listed there any more, but if you contact them they may be able to help, or even to suggest a competing product that’s free.

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Use the spreadsheet offered in Google Docs; lay out your data, and let the built in chart/graph capabilities.

Free, web, easy.

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You can make almost any kind of chart using any statistical software, including Excel. You’ve told us what you did in your experiment, but not what kind of analysis you are doing. It sounds to me like the problem is not that you don’t know which software to use, but rather that you don’t know what kind of chart to make.

Start by determining what are your independent variables (which things you varied in your experiment) and your dependent variables (which things you measured when you finished). Then, do you want to be able to express the variation between replicates, or do you just want to show the averages? The answers to these questions should make clearer which type of graph to use.

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