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So this is news? Isn't this yet another example of "business as usual" with the police?

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Great question. I’m afraid that until we collectively decide it has to change, it will remain business as usual.

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Not all law enforcement are honest, law-abiding citizens, kind of like politicians.

One of my childhood friend’s has two sons that both just graduated the academy and their family has always been fairly law-abiding and they’re good boys, I’d trust them, but maybe the power gets to them after awhile?!

What bothers me the most is that usually when law enforcement does something wrong, it’s hushed up unless some brave soul publishes it on fb.

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Maybe they liked the, “prior experience and knowledge” on the resume

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This kind of thing seems to be floating around more and more… What can we do about it?

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Not surprising considering that the US and most Western ‘democracies’ are leaning more towards becoming police-states with “Carte Blache” powers at the expense of the common citizen in order to advance the interests of the State .

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It doesn’t sound like news to me. Sounds like same-old same-old.

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