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Do you prefer to watch movies alone or in the company of others?

Asked by orlando (627points) December 3rd, 2013

I had a discussion with a friend today and he mentioned that he doesn’t like to watch movies when alone. Actually he mentioned that watching a movie in company of other people is incomparably more enjoyable for him.

As I myself enjoy watching movies alone quite a bit, I wonder if this is just an introvert/extrovert preference (he being quite an extrovert) or something else.

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It depends, I watch films with the wife & kids, sometimes it’s just me & the kids, there’s nothing like shared laughter when watching a comedy.
Other times I watch a film on my own & look forward to the rare treat that is solitude…ahh, bliss.

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I prefer to watch with someone else. It’s shared excitement, shared laughs, and occasional hugs and kisses (depending on the movie).

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I like sometimes with and sometimes without… I like watching SpongeBob and Strawberry Shortcake by my self or with mom. And I save the adult movies on my own .

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It depends on the type of movie.

If it is a romantic comedy I like to watch it with my wife.

It is a cartoon like Scooby Doo or from Disney I like to watch it with my wife and children.

But if it is a War Movie, Western, Kung Fu, Karate Movie or Cop Show I want to see it alone because my wife doesn’t enjoy those type of films so no need to have her sit through something she doesn’t like.

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Over the years I’ve had many “movie buddies” who loved the kind of films I do and enjoyed discussing them afterwards. I still have a few, but the ones in town work full-time (I don’t) and the other two live afar.

Nowadays, I tend to watch movies at home far more often than in the theater (I can’t abide talky audiences) and usually I don’t mind that. Sometimes, though, it’s frustrating because when I’m watching something I’m really enjoying I’d like to share and discuss it with someone.

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It really depends on who the other person. If they’re quiet, I don’t mind watching movies with other people. I can’t watch movies with people who try to talk through it, unless I’ve already seen it.
I try to watch a movie for the first time by myself. After I’ve seen the movie, it doesn’t bother me if someone makes comments a lot.

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I love to cozy up and watch movies by myself, especially on stormy days or when I am sick, like today.
I also enjoy the company of others, IF they are capable of imaginative and relatively bright feedback. lol
OTOH I used to have a movie friends that drove me nuts, he was SO intense in his critiques that trying to remain engaged and interested was nearly impossible. He’d launch like the scud missile and just leave me gaping, glazed eyed, gasping for breath and grasping for an exit. haha

I love watching/going to the movies with my adult daughter, we both have the same sense of humor and are good at picking out subtleties.

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I prefer to watch with someone, especially when at home. I don’t mind going to the cinema on my own.

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I’d rather watch alone, because I dislike it when people talk over the film. Ever since we all started watching videotaped (and, later, DVD) movies, too many people think that they have free license for a running commentary.

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It’s about 50/50 with me.

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I despise watching movies at the movie theater. There is always some idiot who laughs at everything and makes an ass of him/her self.

I prefer watching them alone or occasionally with my girlfriend.

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I love a full theater, not just a partner but people to appreciate the film with.

Even on opening days, I rarely can go to any theater and find it full — even opening day of a predicated mainsteam hit at prime time.

I have only been on one waiting line to see a film since I moved, and that was because it was banned in most of the state an adjoining states. A tiny theater in Asheville NC was getting people who had driven miles to see “Fahrenheit 9/11.” They had lines for multiple showings, day after day and kept the film for ages. I saw it twice there. The second time was weeks later but the place was still sold out; just not long lines.

It was so great to feel the feedback from the audience again. Even in Vermont big films meant long lines and a packed theater. After leaving that state, I only experienced that energy and excitement and involvement and eager anticipation in LA and San Francisco.

I miss it a great deal. I sincerely have no idea how theaters stay in business in this state. The certainly deteriorate quickly. My husband jokes they are all fronts for the Mafia.

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I’m with @JimTurner – it really depends on the movie. I prefer to watch a comedy with friends, a romantic movie with my partner. Action/adventure/science fiction movies I don’t really mind either way.

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With people. Like comedy, it’s funner when I watch it with people because we laugh and have fun. And I like watching scary movies with others too because, 1, I get scared but I like that feeling, and 2, we make fun and laugh and make sarcastic remarks when the characters do dumb stuff to get themselves killed haha!

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I prefer to watch movies with a friend. I wouldn’t want more than one outside a movie theater unless it was a comedy. I hate people talking over a drama.

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I enjoy watching films with my husband or daughter. I like the shared experience of watching something together.

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I prefer alone. I love and enjoy movies and it’s a me time for me. I have this habit of sitting at the 8th seat in the 8th row if I can. : )

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Usually alone so I can concentrate better but if I’m watching a scary movie, I rather watch it with someone.

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My husband always has to go to the bathroom once during a movie. He always misses something good. He likes watching Blu-ray’s at home so he can stop the film, go to the John and come back and he’s missed nothing. We have 65” HDTV so he’s getting a little resistant to going to the the movies, especially since we can easily end up alone in the theater.

I still love going out to see a film when it’s just released.

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It depends on the movie, i prefer watching with friends.

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