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What's the best non-craigslist method for finding an apartment in San Francisco?

Asked by jballou (2113points) June 26th, 2008

Specifically in the Hayes Valley area. It has to be 1 bedroom, and under $2000 in rent… Help?

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If money is less important than time, you could try hiring an agent to find places to show you.

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You could also use this site. Seems like it has a lot of options.

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ride your bike around and write down numbers you see in the window. pick up neighborhood newspapers. ask your friends who already live in the neighborhood for their landlord’s # to find out if they have any other properties.

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Visit the neighborhoods you’re interested in and look for ‘room available’ signs.

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Are you religious? Pray.

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Update: Craigslist came through, as usual. Got an apartment exactly where I wanted for the exact rent I wanted to pay

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Oh Oh I got the best site! Check it out What CraigsList would be doing if it weren’t for the incredible amount of weed they smoke over there.

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