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Pay services for monitoring articles written about my company?

Asked by metadog (377points) December 3rd, 2013

Hi! I monitor the web for articles that pop up about my company and our executives. I do ok with it, but I have many responsibilities and this is slipping by the wayside. Are there any good services I can pay to keep an eye on this for me? We are very regional, not a national company (yet). We mostly get play in local papers, not a big presence on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Old school social, I guess… traditional media.

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Yes. Freelance workers do this sort of thing all the time. Try listing your needs on You can, if you like, leave the pay as “not sure” and let the bids drive the cost.

drhat77's avatar heard about it in a radio spot, so I cannot verify the quality.

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I just learned about software called Cision. It may be a good reference point if not a solution.

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Why not use Google Alerts? It’s free and probably does everything you need it to.

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