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Do you think I'm really obsessed with England?(please answer seriously not jokingly)

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) December 5th, 2013 from iPhone

When I was little, my mom would watch movies like pride and prejudice and other Jane Austen movies and I loved them so I researched England and fell in love with British culture and history. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Call the midwives, downton abbey, wolfblood, and house of Anubis. I still watch period drama movies with my mom. I love Adele, Florence + the machine, Birdy, and some of ed Sheeran and coldplay. I love tea with milk and tea(not saying every British person drinks it). I prefer fish and chips over hamburgers and fries(again not saying every British person has it). I like Harry potter. I love things with the Union Jack on them. I have a Union Jack phone case. I want to go to college in England. I want to visit London, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, and the countryside. My favorite actress is Keira knightly. I love all the different English accents. I think guys with english accents are cute. I have pages from a London planner and a London Underground map taped on one of my walls. I spell gray like grey.

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Maybe you lived there and were killed in ww2 , maybe it’s some of your past life that is still with you.

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I love England too. And I have been there for two weeks. I can’t say I want to go back. It is hard to be more depressing than Oregon but they managed.

I love the TV there. Misfits finale next week, sigh. Would I Lie To You… Glorious. Peep Show. More please.

I have a server that has a ton of British TV. Let me know (PM) if you want access. There is a lot. Around 200Gigs.

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A lot of people do this. They are usually named -ophiles. For example, there is a sub culture in Japan that is obsessed with being American (Americanophile) and vice versa. Little American teens pretend to be Japanese because they love it so much: the anime, the more progressive and healtheir culture etc.

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Go there and see if it sticks. I had a girlfriend growing up obsessed with Ireland. She went 5 times if I remember correctly and suddenly that 5th time she was over it. Maybe because she was older (still ealry 20’s) or who she hung out with. All of suddenly the country seemed like a drunken mess to her.

I like @trailsillustrated answer about the reincarnation. My husband I always say probably should have been born in Germany. He was born in Mexico and wound up coming here to America. America is kind of the halfway between Mexico and Germany to me. LOL. Although, he is obsessed with the Irish, red hair, accent, River Dance, Celtic music, obsessed. My mom loves the Irish too, I married my mom, it’s bazaar. I think maybe they were close relations in a past life. Twins maybe. Lord have mercy. Not that I really believe in any of that stuff.

Maybe you will wind up in England. Why not? I have two high school friends (I don’t know them well now) who wound up moving there. One eventually moved back, but her daughter is now attending college there.

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I’m an Anglophile as well.

On the upside, they make good TV, and lots of it, and much of it is available on DVD for us. ^_^

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Oy! Calm down! You’ve got a bit of British-itish, which is what me and my cousin had when we were teens. It never really goes away, and if you’re lucky it turns into Anglophile-ism.

If you are lucky, you will get to visit the British Isles. I’ve only been there once, when I was 20. It was magical, and ordinary at the same time.

I want to talk to you more about this tomorrow. Right now I’ve got to go to bed. But suffice to say you will have a life long love affair with Britain from this day forth!

Just realize that you are most likely going to become addicted to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Beatles, clotted cream, Doc Martin, Waiting for God and Downton Abbey. Not to worry, I’m here to walk you through it.

But I have to go to bed right now. Will check back in the morning.

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I’m an Anglophile too, have been all my life. Love the British accent, movies, weather, and yes, I’ve had some great meals there. I’ve been in various parts of the U.K. three or four times and plan going back next year.

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Being English, the view I take on Americans who “just adore En-Gur-Land” is usually one of fat yank tourists in shorts, wearing socks with sandals & taking shit loads of photos in London.
I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt & say you’re nothing like that, just someone with great taste.

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Sure you are. But what’s wrong with that? I married and Englishman and it cured me of Anglophile. :-P

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I’m English and if you live in a predominantly warm part of America I would glad swap with you! The novelty soon wears off after the trillionth miserable day in a row!!

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If you are there is certainly nothing wrong with it. We all identify with something.

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@Leanne1986 Hey now c’mon, these past two summers have been glorious, maybe only a million miserable days to come.

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These British movies, written/directed/produced by Brit Michael Powell and Hungarian-Brit Emeric Pressburger (their production company was called The Archers) are among my favorites.

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Yes, you are. But it seems harmless. You need to get your England fix soon.

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I love it, too, and I PM @ucme sometimes if I have questions, although he never satisfies me completely…lol

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@KNOWITALL Oh I dunno, you always look spent when we’re finished :)

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@ucme BA-hahaha, I was hoping you’d see that. I haven’t forgiven you for the tea time conversation. My books can’t possibly be lying!!! ;)

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@KNOWITALL No they don’t lie, just romanticise things a touch.

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I have to wonder which part of the UK the OP has the greatest affinity for.

If I could live anywhere I’d probably pick the Southwest. If it was good enough for the ring-stone builders it’s good enough for me. Shut up I’m a romanticist and I don’t care.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I think @ucme needs to have a party for us…lol

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“Shut up”…I never uttered a word, merely typed, think about what you’re saying woman.

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@ucme I promise I’ll visit you all the way up there in not-Scotland.

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It’s Durham, pronounced Duh-Rum.

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@ucme Seriously? If you live by the Cathedral, I’m so there (and I realize I wasn’t invited, but dang that’s SO BAD ASS!!!!)

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Invitation, schminvitation. I’m sure @ucme won’t mind the company. ^_^

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Oh, and I’ll cook.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’m completely fantasizing in my mind now after seeing that castle.

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Haha, so long as you come un dressed for the occasion, it’s all good.
@KNOWITALL Two cathedral facts for ya, I had my first proper snog on the steps, very tight space, she couldn’t move so I took my chance…whey-hey!
We took the kids in there when they were little, my son was maybe five or six & a priest, dressed in full “uniform” appeared from nowhere behind this huge curtain. My son, quite startled, tugged on my coat & with genuine sincerity said to me, “Dad, was that God then?”
I laughed long & loud, bloody loud echo in that cathedral, made me blush a little.

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@ucme Ah yes, sure you’re wife would love that! Even your writing sounds good (snogging and God then- love it!), like Hogwarts and Harry Potter…sigh….you could probably be a star here ucme!

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@KNOWITALL Err, the wife’s going to be out that day, bung her a couple hundred quid & she’ll be gone for an hour or so, then it’s me, thee & the trekkie girl…whoo-hoo :D

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@ucme hahaha, i’m not the only one fantasizing am I? Goose!

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I’d bring my Sonic Screwdriver, but it doesn’t do wood.

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Oops, we’re mucking about in general…hardcore roustabouts or what?

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If you are lucky, while you are waiting to plan a trip to England, see if there are any local British stores or pubs in your town (where British expats hang out).

Here’s a fun documentary to watch, regarding the English language and how it has changed (or not) in England and the rest of the world. It’s called The Story of English. You can watch it on You Tube in 7 parts.

Check out these British Recipes and these British Tea Sandwiches

Enjoy a picture of these Chaps or This Bloke or this Young Lad

Listen to Him talk. And Him and Him

Check out this Pinterest page called A Moveable Feast

If you haven’t yet seen it check out the mini series Bleak House.

Read every book you can get your hands on by This Author and This Author, especially #3.

Feel like doing a little shopping? You can do so online Here or Here

Want to know what This Place looks like at all hours of the day or night?

Book a Tour

Check out this Pinterest board from Linda Doemel and this one from Mail Travel

(NSFW) And last, but not least, isten to this young man Speak with Different British Accents

My name is Kardamom and I an an Anglophile.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I grew up in the south west (Devon and then Somerset). Now I live in Wiltshire so creeping a little more central (although still considered west) but I can offer you Stonehenge (15 min drive from my house) and the Wiltshire White horses.

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I can offer you excessive unseasonal heat, unbearable humidity, and… America. ‘nuff said.

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@ucme is Durham the same as Durham Town ? I’ve always loved that song : ^) Street

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@Adagio I’m not familiar with that song, but Durham is a County as well as a City, many towns reside therein.

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