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What do you think it would be like to be the opposite sex for a day? A week? A year?

Asked by chill_out (116points) June 26th, 2008

Just a random question that I felt was fluther-worthy. What do you think it would be like physically, emotionally etc.?

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A day – I would try to have a lot of fun
A week – I would push myself to my limits
A year – I would need to plan ahead, and perhaps get a job that I couldn’t get as a male.

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It’d certainly be a challenge.
Personally, I’d be up for trying it for up to a week. I think it’d open my eyes to a lot of differences women face.

Not to mention other differences women…have.

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I read an article in the NYTimes yesterday, sorry, too lame to provide a link. about
how, in north Albania where men were always being shot dead in wars and blood feuds,
some women have traditionally become “sworn virgins” and taken on the patriarchal
roles in families which were left without mean. There are 50 or so still alive, though the practice is dying out. They say they like it fine.

I would kill myself if I had to be a man for even a day. I think men’s lives are
hopelessly hard. I’m not kidding.

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I’m pretty certain us males take for granted the physical and social advantages of being a male. I guess I would learn to appreciate that once this experimental period is over…

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Here’s the article Susan’s referring to.

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Man that’s… weird

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Although I guess any foreign custom is

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I don’t want to be a boy…yuck

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If I were a female for a day (and retained my male thought processes), I would be continually distracted by my…attributes…
I’d stay home all day and watch Oprah, and the View, and Sex in the City, and Steel Magnolias just to see what I’m missing. :^)

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Hey, some of us men watch Sex in the City….

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As Jerry Seinfeld once said in response to this question: “If I was a woman I’d be down at the dock waiting for the fleet to come in.”

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I meant to preface that second sentence with “and did not retain my male thought processes…” no offense, lefteh. After all, I do listen to Sade from time to time.

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I figured you left out that sentence.
We all have our girly tendencies!

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@Knotmyday Prior to this post, I had suspected you were a little more highly evolved than this one indicates.

I would love to try on having all the power on my side for a change. If I had the transformation long enough, I would permanently legislate equality, I would work as hard as I can to end war and poverty. I suspect that I would leave the world a much better place if I had the power of men combined with the sensibilities and brains of women.

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<feels abashed. Rebuked, even. “What’d I do?” rings in his head. Tears swim in his eyes.

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@KmD “I’d stay home all day and watch Oprah, and the View, and Sex in the City, and Steel Magnolias just to see what I’m missing.”

On the other hand, you might find yourself much improved after a course of those shows (or catatonic).

Hint: Not all women watch those, just like not all guys only watch war movies, slasher flicks, and the Speed Channel.

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Ugh, don’t get me STARTED on the Speed Channel.
It’s my least favorite channel on my expansive cable guide.
Even behind Playboy #142.

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@marina, you go girl. I’d rather watch an action movie or a bloody horror flick over oprah or the view any day! I do like SATC though…

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True dat. I’ll try not to generalize from now on…
wipes tear
turns on the Oxygen channel


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@Kmd See, I knew you were a sensitive type. ;)

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@beast… what type of job can a female get that a man cannot? The only one I could think of is being a surrogate.

I’d finally know what its like to pee standing up. It might be nice to experience male privilege for a week or so, but no way would I want it to last longer than that. On a more adult note, I’ve always wondered how men experience sex; so I’d definitely have some.

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You know when Goofy trips over something, wiggles his arms and legs wildly, screws up his face and yells “Whooooooooooooo-hooo-hooo-hooey!” before crashing to the ground?
It’s kind of like that, only you get to see somebody naked at the same time.
I always enjoy it.

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@Knot, true that!

@tiny, if your looking for sex as a guy, you may have to wait longer than a week. Its not always available to us guys. Just because you have a penis doesnt mean women will throw themselves at you.

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@randy women already throw themselves at me.

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I would love to be a man for a day or a week, but not a year. I’m sorry but I have to say this, I would have sooo much sex. Yeah, with myself, with others, with food. You can stick that thing anywhere and if I only have a week with it, I’d abuse it as much as I could. I would pee on walls and walk around with my shirt off outside. Men don’t realize that women don’t get to expose their breasts for very long. I would love to ‘hang out with the guys’ and get to experience the social world of a man. All in all, I think it would be alot of fun.

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Sorry to spoil your fun, but trust me, you can not stick that thing just anywhere.
There are some very important boundaries.

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@nayeight, im sure men wouldnt have a problem with women exposing their breasts, idk whos stopping you

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So, would I be truly male? Would my brain patterns and thought processes be male? If that were the case, probably not. If I could still be me and have a male body? Sure.

I feel certain that I would notice sociological differences. But mostly I think it would be fun for a little while. And I have to admit to the occasional penis envy in certain sexual positions.

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@Lefteh Two words: Portnoy’s Complaint I suspect if it can be stuck there, it has. If not, some fool probably tried it anyway.

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Damn you Philip Roth, damn you!

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@Lefteh I have been known to say that often.

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It would really depend on my physical attractiveness as a woman.

HOT – Have alot of sex, just see what they like and how different it feels (if I could get over the fact that I’m screwing a dude)

FAT – See how hard it REALLY is to lose weight (Then have alot of sex)

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I think it would be a hell of a lot less emotionally stressful to be a man, even for a day

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