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How is Endoscopy better than CT/MRI?

Asked by chandranibose97 (1points) December 6th, 2013

How is Endoscopy better than CT/MRI?

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Endoscopy helps in direct visualization of the gastrointestinal tract thus eliminating subjective bias n the diagnosis. Therapeutic interventions can be carried out in the same sitting of the diagnostic endoscopic procedure. There is no exposure to strong ionizing radiations as in case of CT scan. It is also less time consuming and there are no contraindications for claustrophobic patients as well as for patients with metallic implants and pacemakers.

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It depends what is wrong with the patient. Ulcers and suspicious tissue can be removed/biopsied during a scope and examined for things like cancer and H.Pylori. Xrays and MRI’s will not show certain problems.

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