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So are any of you music lawyers or have experience with music publishing?

Asked by 28lorelei (2509points) December 6th, 2013

If you are, would you be willing to look at a publishing contract (sheet music and broadcasting rights) and tell me what you think of it? If you also just have general tips regarding such things, I would appreciate that. Thanks :)

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Why would an attorney do this for free for a stranger?

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^ Not to mention that providing legal advice in a state in which you are not a member of the Bar is illegal, isn’t it?

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Twice right @Seek_Kolinahr and @Judi. Hire an entertainment lawyer and maybe an agent.

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The folks above are right of course. All I would add is that unless you’re dealing with the rich and famous contracts tend to be pretty basic and even formulaic. If you know the basic format you can do it yourself. With that being said, I did a little research and found a site that may be able to help you understand and create contracts. Maybe it’ll help.

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