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Do you know any online universities that offer organic chemistry?

Asked by SassyPink (279points) December 6th, 2013

Could the credits (units) from online universities be transferable to a traditional institution if I decided to take a class? How about general sites that offer online courses?

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Athabasca university.

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Check this site for details regarding the top Accredited Online Schools, Online Colleges and Online Universities.

You can seek advice from your Admissions Advisor regarding the procedures to get your credits transferred to traditional college. You will have to fill out a form to determine transfer credit eligibility. This can be found online. You will have to score better than C grade as some colleges do not accept lower grades. Also accredited colleges will not accept credits transferred from unaccredited online colleges.

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^^Try that, too. Gives a ton of details for specific colleges.

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Not to be a negative nancy, but don’t you think Chemistry of any sort is something you should learn in a hands-on environment? Maybe do your general education requirements online and then find a place you can do your actual degree work in person at?

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Be careful that you don’t also need the lab component for transferring credits. I would imagine that you can’t do the lab online…

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