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Possibly serious question regarding my cat?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) December 7th, 2013

I have two siamese cats; one male and one female.
I’ve never had a pregnant cat before so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, or if she’s even pregnant.

Fanta (female cat) makes this weird noise that sounds almost like a long continuous growl. And just now I saw this off-whiteish (beige) substance being released from her genitals. I’m assuming its her genitals.
I have no idea if she’s pregnant, in pain, or if she is indeed pregnant; her babies are in danger.
After she growls I hear this puff of air, or a sniff. I have no idea how to describe it. A sudden release of air from the nose?? Like a puff.

Excuse the fact that my question is poorly written; I’m extremely alarmed and would appreciate it if you guys answer ASAP.
I chose to ask you guys first before consulting with a vet just in case it’s not serious.

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Is she spayed? From your description it sounds like either she is in heat or she has Pyometra. Unspayed females are at risk for developing pyometra. Other possible causes include a urinary tract infection or inflammation of the bladder. All I can say is you need to get her to vet as soon as you can. If she was pregnant, it would be obvious in that she would have gained a lot of weight.

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She isn’t spayed. I’ll definitely take her to the vet today then.

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Hope your cat will be fine :)

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Don’t or o come back,and tell,us what they said!

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She’s quite obviously not spayed if you’re worried about her being pregnant.

My guess is that she’s in heat. Let us know!

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The “long continuous growl” is her call to males.

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Another vote for “she’s in heat”.

But get her spayed ASAP.

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Okay guys a follow up – I didn’t get the chance to take her to the vet yet because I’m going through some stuff now. But today she released blood. Is that her period or should I be worried? Does that mean the white substance released yesterday is normal or?

If it is serious then I’ll really have to take her to the vet as soon as possible. If not then I’ll take her next week or so.

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Oh and if it’s of any importance: fanta is about a year and a month old now. Still young.

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Is the male cat neutered? Is he acting strange around her? Have you seen neighborhood strays hanging around your house more than usual?

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