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What is the merit of having one's children do chores? Should children be paid to do chores?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) June 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t have a set of chores for my kids (15, 11, and 10), but I do expect them to clean their rooms, pick up after themselves, and do whatever other jobs (brush the dog, vacuum, etc.) when asked. I don’t pay them to get it done because it’s part of being in this family. I know some fams that have daily chore charts, and pay the kids at the end of each week. What are your views on kids and chores?

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Kids should definitely have to do chores. They live there while you buy all the food and pay the bills, and you should remind them of that. Perhaps give them a little incentive (allowance) for the harder chores. But don’t give the 15 year old allowance. He’s/she’s old enough to get a job. Don’t let them think they can live at home forever by giving the older ones allowance.

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I think kids should have chores from a young age. It teaches them to have some responsibilities and to learn to manage those responsibilities. I got an allowance when I was a kid and that was due to me completing my chores. So essentially it was a job that I was paid to do, which also has the nice byproduct of teaching a little bit about the value of a dollar, since my money was my own and I didn’t get extra just for asking for it.

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It teaches work ethic,responsibility, and that they must contribute. People don’t live for free and parents are not slaves.

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I agree with jballou. My kids have started to help me with chores. Kids need to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. My kid (5 years) is SO proud of himself when he cleans his room (without me having to ask) and surprises me. The look on his face is priceless. I do believe in getting a weekly allowance (I got one growing up) to learn the principles of money. My advice to those who read this…start them young!

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I fully agree; but not with the “they owe me” mentality, sorry beast.
I hated Saturdays when I was a kid, because that was yard work day for me. My parents were poor, too, so we had some crappy equipment to work with.
But I tell you whut, I appreciate every minute of those days, for the same reason bead gave- pride and accomplishment. I labored to make our house the best-looking one on the street, and it was. And I did it without pay, with minimal encouragement, and without being asked.
Kids need to know that that they are contributing to the family; it keeps them strong, well-adjusted, and emotionally stable. It’s all up to the parents. Don’t back down!
Dr. Spock-Knot will shut up now

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Well, yes, because they live there too.

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