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Does anyone know how to stop my sneezing?

Asked by Pandora (27849points) December 8th, 2013

I have a head cold with lots of mucus. It keeps irritating my nasal passages and makes me sneeze like crazy. I blow my nose but it just won’t stop irritating it. I’ve tried rinsing and that only works for a second and its back to making me sneeze. Funny thing is that it only happens from the left nasal passage. When I am not sneezing I feel a terrible tickle there. It’s driving me nuts. It doesn’t have anything stuck there. I think it may just be an irritated nerve. So how do get it back to normal?

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Have you tried boiling a pot of water or peppermint tea and holding your head over it, inhaling the steam? You need a towel draped over both you and the pot. Twenty minutes should do it. Always works for me.

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Neti pot works for me when nothing else will.

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I feel your misery, same here, sinus infection and virus all week. Put a little tiger balm in your nostrils with hot water to melt it, or Vaporub to soothe them.
Or…do what I did yesterday, take a couple Nyquil Gel caps and pass out for a few hours. lol

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Nose tickling/tingling is generally due to allergy and common cold. One or two sessions with the Neti Pot or NeilMed Sinus Rinse usually takes care of the problem. Steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil is also good. Call your doctor if sneezing does not stop or is adversely affecting your life and the above home remedies do not work.

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Take a drug for the runny nose. A combination decongestant antihystamine from behind the pharmacy counter. The kind you need to give your name and address for. The constant sneezing usually only lasts the first 48 hours. You know, that virus wants to get out there and infect others.

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Well thank you all. I finally gave up and just took some cold medicine to knock me out of my misery. It was enough to finally stop the itching feeling and the sneezing. Still have a bit of a runny nose but at least I’m not sneezing my head off.

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@Pandora Day 9 for me and I am FINALLY feeling better, I say go for the drugs most certainly. lol

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press under your nose, on top of your upper lips.. and hold it for a few seconds.

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