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Relationship question?

Asked by Recon_Warrior (22points) December 8th, 2013

So I told my crush that I liked her, and last Thursday she told me that she liked me as well. But the thing that concerns me is that she has been dating a guy for 3 months at a different school. I don’t want her to stop liking him just because she likes me, it makes me feel like I’m a horrible person. Should i talk to her about it? I asked two of my girl friends and one said yes, the other said no. I might let her figure it out on her own, because I don’t want to pressure her or anything. And I’m not looking to date her or anything, we’re only in 7th grade.

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Or maybe she said she liked you to avoid conflict and he is at a different school so maybe she thinks the two worlds will never collide.

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im jealous of him it’s just im not sure what to do

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Being the other guy is never a good thing. My advice is to drop it until they break up. It is the seventh grade, she will probably be single in a few months and then you can pursue some hugs and hand-holding.

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Wow this sounds serious. What a twisted tangled like triangle you’re in.

That’s messed up man. You must be quite the Romeo!

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Jealousy is a wasted emotion because she will do what she wants anyway. It’s never too early to learn that, trust.

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A girl that will leave a guy to be with you is not worth having.

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^ Right!

If she leaves some other guy for you, then you can expect the same thing to happen to you in the future.
Leave the ho in training alone and find a nice girl. Better yet, concentrate on school and worry about girls when your older.

Not trying to be bitchy, just giving you the same advice I’d give my own child.

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Why are you jealous? you plan to marry her? neither of you is old enough for serious dating.

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Let her figure it out. Coming from a girls point of view.

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