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Would you live your life being born original but dying a copy?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 9th, 2013

Can you sacrifice the individuality you possess for some reason?

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In giving up your individuality you actually gain it and you will be established forever.

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Most of us are copies because it’s easier, it’s normal, it’s understood. We go to school, we go to work, we get married, have kids, etc…

The truly original ones are the ones who take the path less travelled.

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@kess, would you like to explain it a bit more?

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As humans we are essentially the same.
But yet we have desires that causes us to react differently according to the circumstance.

Now because of this , we seek to establish ourselves as an individual, thus we impose these likes dislikes on those we come in contact with.
This we do so as to establish an identity which is steep in pride.

For it say of the man, “I am this but not That” since this is preferred over that, that individual is now confident that he possesses an identity that is better than another.

This results in the idea that we are not the same. Some are better that others and I as the individual is better than others.

This way of thinking will continue, until he is confident that he th individual is the best of the best….Never taking into consideration that, such a position can only be attained at the expense of others.

When a person ceases from trying to be that individual, he begins to treat all as himself.
Now he is now free from constant need to superimpose himself on others.
With that freedom he begin to see everything in a new light.
He no longer struggle with the mundane things which those around him consider as Life.
He is content with whatsoever situation he finds himself.

His awareness is now so enlightened, in that he realises that he is both this and that including the other…

He has found for himself an identity that no man could confer upon him, neither can they ever take it away.

This identity he need not strive with other to establish, for it is already established.
He is like the universe, in possession of everything in need of no other thing.
Every desire is fulfill at the point of appearance of the desire.

So complete is the transformation is this man, that he will stand out as a man among men.

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I’d sacrifice a lot of things within reason if I thought the end justified the means.

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We all do.

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You could argue that this is exactly what happens to us once we grow into adulthood. The world takes away a lot of our originality most people learn to copy others in order to fit in.

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