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Could I be pregnant?

Asked by likipie (1450points) December 10th, 2013

For a couple days in a row I’ve woken up feeling absolutely miserable and every morning sometime within an hour of waking up I puke, then I feel better for the rest of the day. It’s been 27 days since I last had sex and I don’t know when my next period should be (they’ve always been irregular). We used protection but could I still be pregnant? Would a home test show up now or should I wait a bit longer?

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Preggo questions here also!
Not again!

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Yes, Yes, No.

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Yes, you could be.

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Have you sex recently? Yes, you could be pregnant. If it’s been nearly a month, you should’ve already had your period or it’s due now. Go take a test instead of asking perfect strangers.

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If you had intercourse, you could be pregnant. Get a home test. If it’s negative and you still feel crummy in a couple of days, go to the doctor.

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Honestly, I would take a home test rather than ask random strangers on the internet. Then, I could post more productive questions regarding the baby’s blood type. AV users know what I mean!

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Buy a prego test three pack.

Take one now, another one week from now, and if you haven’t started your period, take the last one the week after that. If you still haven’t started your period by then, go to your doctor.

…Also, if the vomiting gets worse, just go to your doctor anyway and have yourself checked out.

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There is ALWAYS a chance as nothing is 100% guaranteed. Since your period is irregular, it’s impossible for you to trust the results until 45 days are up. The more sensitive tests may be able to detect low levels of hcg a few days before your period is due.

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Yes, you could be pregnant.

Now waiting for the nearly inevitable “But does he like me?” to appear.

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If you haven’t had sex or a period in the last 27 days, a home pregnancy test may be accurate (it would be for a woman with a regular period at this point).

If you are sexually active and could even possibly be pregnant, you should be taking prenatal vitamins.

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Yes but you could also have an icky stomach flu. Incidentally, don’t name him Earl. It’s a personal preference as there was an incident.

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If it turns out that you’re not pregnant, and you’re vomiting every morning, please see a doctor. I worry about you, kiddo.

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Of course you could be. Take the test. After 27 days the test wil be extremely accurate. Always a chance for a false negative, but very unlikely. Test accuracy has nothing to do with how regular you are if the last time you had sex was 27 days ago. No matter what your cycle, if you are pregnant, you have been pregnant somewhere from 22–27 days. Most tests easily pick up the hormone after 14 days.

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Any time you have had sex, regardless of your birth control method, you could be pregnant.

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Even the best contraception is not 100% reliable (which is why I’m a parent!) so yes you could be pregnant. Home tests these days work just a few days after conception; after 27 days there won’t be any problem with it.

And whatever the result, positive or negative, you need to see a doctor ASAP. If negative, to find out why you are vomiting every morning. If positive, to set up your pre-natal care regime.

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You feel tired easily? Or want to drink more water and feel sick when you smell some smell?If you so ,you may pergant.

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Just take a test, now. It will ease your mind regardless of the outcome and regardless of how you feel about it. Worrying, and wondering, is no fun. I knew I was pregnant after only 3–4 weeks of being pregnant. I had morning sickness which was the first big indicator, and felt the way you did, but less extreme. I thought there was no way I could be pregnant, because we used condoms (silly assumption), but I took a test and I was. Good luck

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