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What are some of your favorite apps?

Asked by keobooks (14276points) December 10th, 2013

This question hasn’t been asked since 2010, so I thought it was time for a new round of asking. What are some of your favorite apps for Apple or Android?

Here’s my answer. I like this Let’s Create! Pottery It’s the only game I’ve ever paid for the full version. You make clay pots and share them on this website. Five bucks may seem steep, but I’ve gotten hundreds of hours of joy from it, so it was worth it.

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Aside from test messaging and email, Kindle is my most used app. I’m, also, addicted to Scramble with Friends and What’s The Phrase with Friends. I used to play Draw Something, Words with Friends, and Hanging with Friends, but I got bored.

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Houzz. If you love decorating it is amazing. The photos are beautiful and you can sort by room and style and save photos.

I just started using Cozy. Your whole family can log on. We use it for shopping lists. I can check it when I go to the supermarket and see if my husband added anything to it.

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I had “Draw Something” but I didn’t have the patience to get good at drawing. I will try Cozy. It sounds good.

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@JLeslie Ooohhh… Cozy sounds great. I’m going to have to check it out.

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I find Evernote extremely useful for keeping notes and I can synch them between my phone, tablet and PC. I use mainly Pixlr and Photoshop touch for art. My favourite game apps are Sudoku from, Jewels Saga and Alchemy Classic. But my most used app at the moment is Kindle.

I hate apps that force you to link with Facebook and share/play with your FB friends. I won’t use those at all.

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Oh my, mango, spinach, and roe wrapped up in tuna sashimi. That was a wonderful appetizer.

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Goodreader, Deal Drop, Great Big War Game, Google Voice & Google Maps.

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Most recently, SnoreLab. It tracks a person’s snoring so that you can help to identify problems. It has shown us that my husband’s snoring is worse than we thought. 100 is considered a high “snore score.” He hit 185 on Saturday night. :(

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Poker & pool are what i’m currently into.

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Plants Vs. Zombies.

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Online bank app.

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Springpad. Extremely useful for organizing your stuff. Syncs across all your devices, and I like that I don’t have to back up the data that I have there.

For weather, I think Intellicast is awesome. I like the past and future radar there, and there is a lot of info but somehow it is well-organized and not cluttered.

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A good app. but mnd the spelling: Cozi:

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Gail is right, the correct spelling is Cozi.

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We use Grocery IQ for shopping lists that we share – iOS and Android

We use DropBox and Evernote on both platforms for documents, files and notes. 1Password is on all our devices to keep track of our passwords and logins – it also has our credit cards which allows us to easy fill out online forms. It is an app and a browser extension on the desk/laptop.

I love CardStar that keeps all my shopping rewards cards so I don’t need those annoying cards and keychain tags.

@downtide – I haven’t encountered any apps that require you to sign in with FB. I also don’t enable notifications, sharing, or location searches in most apps – the settings are highly customizable to respect one’s privacy as they deem fit. With that being said, I am Hearkat on the Words, Hanging, and Scramble With Friends.

I also love my NatureSpace sound app that I play when I’m sleeping – it really helps.

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I’ve been playing Nemo’s Reef for months and go there daily. Its a building game but insteadnof cities or farms, youre creating your own underwater reef with Nemo. If you’re into snorkeling or aquariums you’d probably like it also.

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous ( it is Disney, after all) and its completely free.

It looks like a game geared to kids but that’s misleading since it requires patience and planning to be able to stick with it and most kids in this frenetic world will lose patience (or want to spend outrageous amounts of money in order to get certain fish and plants more quickly.) if you let your kid play it then be sure to disable In-App purchasing.

But there are numerous parents and grandparents playing it with their kids and that makes it more enjoyable for them.

I haven’t spent a penny on it so its definitely possible to enjoy it that way totally free.

It’s a very beautiful and visually appealing little “world” to spend time in and I find it quite relaxing.

There’s also a nice little group of adult players from all over the world who participate on a games forum board and exchange hints and tips.

It’s available for both IOS and Android.

They just released an update adding ten extra levels, new plants and fish.

Aside from Sudoku and word games, this is really the only gaming app I’ve ever enjoyed enough to keep and use.

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@hearkat Candy Crush Saga is one of them. It caps out at level 30 if you don’t sign in with Facebook, or pay. And you can get to level 30 in a couple of hours.

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@downtide – Ridiculous! I’d never do that. I have every game I encounter on FB blocked, and all invitations from game-playing friends are blocked. I made the mistake of linking one of the “With Friends” games to FB years ago, and it still asks me if I want to login to FB regularly and I always decline – I wish I could erase that cookie, but deleting and reinstalling the app hasn’t worked.

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@downtide – I just finished level 125 of Candy Crush Sage on my iPhone and do not play via Facebook. It keeps saying that I can sign in from there with Facebook to see how my friends are doing, but I don’t do it.

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My husband plays candy crush without facebook. He has to do quests to get past the levels.

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