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If an elite group controls the world somewhat covertly, how can they be so frequently and easily leaked to such a widespread public through the media they control?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) December 10th, 2013

A lot of conspiracy material going about, and it seems to me just too well (or poorly) orchestrated to give us yet something else to talk about and lose our minds on.
From the All Seeing Eye, to reptilians and NWO to GMO, what the heck is actually going on behind the behind of the scenes?

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It is what conspiracy theorists call “disinformation agents”.
People that deliberately disseminate false information to muddy the waters, to distract from their actual activities, and especially to discredit the entire conspiracy theory community (who refer to themselves as “truth seekers”) by association.

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That’s how we know there really isn’t some elite conspiracy, no Illuminati or 64 Degree Masons or backers of the Rothschilds. People can’t keep a secret that well, especially now with the rapid dissemination of the least amount of information.

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I’m sure if the people knew what was going on behind the scenes our current regime would be toppled by now.

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It could all be true, really. The beauty is that the majority of people will just look at the ‘leakers’ like they’re nuts and wouldn’t believe it anyway.

If someone came around saying they had definitive proof that Area 51 had alien bodies in it, they’d be laughed away and considered crazy regardless of whatever proof they had.

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@mrentropy I heard something on the news (legitimate news btw) about Obama’s Admin getting pressured to reveal alien life or the proof of such.

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@KNOWITALL They will never blow my cover. My “people” won’t allow it. I hope she doesn’t talk about this… awkward…

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They don’t.

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@Anatelostaxus You didn’t already know? The Illuminati are only allowed to think they control the entire world by the alien lizard people who live on the dark side of the moon and use chemicals dispersed in our water supply and in cemtrails to really control the thoughts of all but a resistant core of humans like me, who know the proper style and specifications for our tinfoil hats.

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@KNOWITALL I think there was an e-petition started for it. There was some sort of official site that allowed people to submit petitions to the president for anything they could bang together on a keyboard.

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This group does exist.

How else can you explain the BCS?

go badgers

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There is always a bad apple in every organization.

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@YARNLADY True, but I take heart in the corollary, which is also true: “There is always some organization in every bad apple.” I find that thought so recuperative.

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Hey, @ETpro don’t be hatin’ Chemtrails are real! I see them every day! Poisoning our air and spraying all kinds of who knows what into our lungs and such.

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@rojo Yep, all the commercial airlines tape little paper stickers on their control panel light-switch turning it into a chemical spraying weapon of mass destruction. And even though hundreds of thousands of flight crew members have know for decades, none have cracked and admitted to the conspiracy. Great one. :-)

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Flight crew pffffft! They be sniffing the contrails before they be airborne. Can’t trust ‘em to serve a decent meal.

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@KNOWITALL That wouldn’t surprise me. Not that I think they’d be announcing that there are intelligent aliens living among us, but that there was microbial life on Mars, for example. Maybe there still is. If you look at all the Mars announcements over the years it looks like they’re leading up to something. Personally, I’m just waiting for it. I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while.

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@ETpro As a matter of fact, yes, I did come to know of such ‘far fetched’ claims. That’s why I’m asking the question, to enquire in depth into people’s opinions.
Funny answers, but I don’t quite gather what your position is in the matter; is your nick as sarcastic as your remarks?

@rojo What have you to support your statement that chemtrails are real? I read a couple articles, blogs, etc. and came across a simple and logical question, quote: “How come no chemtrails are released at night?”

@KNOWITALL what do you mean by “legitimate news”? In the context it’s a bit of an oxymoron.
Personally, I think it’s possible that nearly any of the info we get fed is reliable. From any source.

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Is there a big conspiract? Yes, but it is not a formal conspiracy. In the words of the great George Carlin “You don’t need a formal conspiracy when interests converge”

There are very powerful people, who have a list of things they want, and they know other powerful people who want things, and they are all very good at getting what they want. Beyond that, there is some more to the conspiracy, but not much more, and the details are unknown.

Then, you get conspiracy theorists, who are basically smart enough to realize they are being fucked hard by the system, but not quite smart enough to figure out that all details and clues are just their own confirmation biased, and own brain tricking them, and so they come up with complex stories for things.

I do it all the time, I am the worst conspiracy theorist there is, I am constantly having to dismiss things all day.

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@Anatelostaxus Most chemtrails are released at night, many more than those during the day, but they use the black (actually a dark blue) chemtrail so as not to cause even more suspicion and alarm. You only see the ones during the day when there is a imminent threat that they need to counter with an immediate release that can’t wait until after sunset.
You will need to check with @poisonedantidote as to what would constitute an imminent threat. He used to be a pirate until he got caught running with scissors and put an eye out. He refused to wear the eyepatch so they canned him.

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@Anatelostaxus _Is your “nick” as sarcastic as your remarks? Sorry, but I am not sure what’s meant bu “nick”. If it’s nickname, then no, it originally stood for Electronics Technology Pro. I had a consulting company that helped US manufacturers miniaturize electronics. This was before ET was a movie.

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@poisonedantidote So the information people are dealing out; such as elaborate plots as to which alien race will do what, why & how and all the implications of the pope’s headgear resembling a dead fish god, are actually fruit of fertile imaginative delusions. At the basis of all these ‘further deceptions’/distractions is a simple want-want motor that makes masses practice dog-eat-dog, unleashed by our untouchable overlords into a void wasteland of banality; all end to itself ? Did I grasp you view?

@rojo might have just seen one last night. That’s a first. How do you know this?
They probably wanted him to wear the patch to blind him of the invisible world behind the veil that physical eyes cannot see through… we’ve all been patched on our third eye

@ETpro :) just a disoriented flaw of interpretation of what I had taken for granted was meant to be a more famous acronym_though certainly you couldn’t have meant it to be an emblem of your fondness with the sci-fi classic, of course.
I enjoy the dryness of your humour. And i appreciate your career efforts to make my laptop possible.

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@YARNLADY Who would the bad apple be in this case? I’d tend to think it would be the organisation itself, but then again.. maybe the organisation isn’t fundamentally ill-intentioned, just misinterpreted for some of its components.
But who are the organisation?

@drhat77 do you have a link to this petition?

@mrentropy Yes, but why would it be so that hornblowers are laughed away (and then somehow silenced) if what they’re saying is true_ shouldn’t it evoke some parts of human interconnectivity with everything, all possibilities in the cosmos? So there is a conspiracy within the conspiracy: we’re trained to rebuke and misuse reason, only with the partiality of logic.. ?

@marinelife “they don’t”... get leaked? or exist? (I’d agree to the proposition that nothing of what actually goes on behind the scenes is the real deal)

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@ragingloli Which part of it all is disinformation? the brainwashing propaganda and commercial ads, the stories about pseudohistorical lost continents & civilisations being of alien descent (or so), the political scandals, everything cluttered together, ... ?

@zenvelo Yes but how do we know that information that does go through hasn’t been manipulated?
hmm. how do I know you’re not one of ” theirs’ ”
eavesdropping on my question to mislead me from ‘the truth’ ?

This kind of thinking could get us killed..

@DWW25921 well the people(s) know a lot of things that could cause them to topple the world over; yet nothing radical is done with this ‘knowledge’. I wonder if it can at all

@Blondesjon why the bcs?

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The only level of any sport that doesn’t use an elimination playoff format for the post-season?

That has fucking conspiracy written all over it.

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The bad apple would be the member who leaked the secrets. There is one in every organization.

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@drhat77 Thank you for the doc. Very sober and credible in tone. Although, in the conspirational mindset, it could just be mendacious words to glaze the ‘truth’ with deceiving transparency.
How to actually debunk all claims of, say.. MiB being ‘based-on-a-true-story’ ?

a quote: “For those who do not believe no proof is possible. For those who do believe, no proof is necessary.”
I personally think it’s rather accommodating to inspect in between.

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@Blondesjon Hah, i didn’t know that. Don’t follow sports, if not the in occurrence of the Olympics.
Got a point though

@YARNLADY Said with such confidence and certainty it’s hard to not think you have plenty first person experience with this fact

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