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Is there a profanity or an objectionable content filter for DVDs played on the PC?

Asked by mathwhiz1987 (14points) December 10th, 2013

I figured out that I can play DVDs on my computer using VLC Media Player. Are there any other free media players that include these filters? I know the profanity filter is based on closed captioning, which could be tricky.

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I’m confused – you want the profanity filter? Or do you want to disable it or find software that will not filter?

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I want the profanity filter. I miss the days when movies had little or no profanity.

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So why not just watch old movies?

I can’t imagine what Scarface or Pulp Fiction would sound like with the profanity removed.

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I haven’t spent a lot of time searching, but one way that people approach this is to create a file that records the timestamps of the content you want to skip. But this means you’d have to watch the original very closely, probably going over the profanity multiple times, which I guess is exactly what you don’t want to do. It would make sense if you were producing a profanity-free version for kids or something.

Have you tried using filters like those produced by, which are produced for their own DVD players? I’m not sure what file format they come in, but I feel it must be possible to make them work with something like VLC. The filters are downloadable on their website, but I think you need a membership. There is some discussion about downloading filters and making them work with copied DVDs here, but there’s not enough information there for you to figure out how to do it. Might be a step towards a solution, though.

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It’s called “MPAA rating”. And there has been profanity in movies for decades, so you’re going to run into profanity in anything not rated G or PG. If profanity offends you that much, be more careful in your movie choices!

Back when movies didn’t have profanity…. before my lifetime! You must be at least 60 if you remember such an era.

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