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What does a hotel do with 400 used mattresses?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22230points) December 10th, 2013

I’m out of town and staying at a hotel where there is a monthlong project to replace all the box springs and mattresses. When I came back here after dinner, there were several large piles of mattresses in the parking lot. (At least it isn’t raining)

What happens to these mattresses and box springs? Do they go to the dump? Can they be recycled? Are they resold to unsuspecting consumers?

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I’ve heard of hotel auctions or sales, they post in cl and newspapers. People know where they come from… I dunno who buys them…

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I had heard that it’s illegal to sell a used mattress. It’s something to google now, but if that’s true, they could not sell them, they’d have to give them away or donate them somewhere.

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You could have one hell of a snow fort.

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Mattresses can be recycled, often when you buy a new mattress and the delivery company take stye old one away, it get recycled, which involves retying it, possibly recovering if it is stained, and it gets sterilized and cleaned. And then it’s sold for cheap.

60 Minutes did a thing on it a few years back.

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Most of the time they end up in the landfill.

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Usually they contract out this work to a third-party company who hauls the old mattresses off to be recycled. A large portion of them do find new homes through flea markets and second hand shops.

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Recently I was at a hotel that was undergoing renovation. One room on the ground floor had no curtains and you could look inside. It was filled almost floor to ceiling with old mattresses. I asked the front desk clerk if that was kink room, like a bounce house for adults. He said “somebody” takes them apart and sells the steel for scrap. He didn’t know what happens to the rubber and fibers .
I wondered what happens to the bedbugs but, wisely, didn’t say anything.

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There are some things you just don’t buy used. Mattresses, underwear . . . but then there are homeless shelters that might be happy to get them donated.

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