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Hi, can anyone please identify this 'insect'? I've searched everywhere online and can't find anything that looks like it. I found it on my bed and it really does look odd.

Asked by insectfinder (17points) December 10th, 2013
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A link to a picture would be good.

Right now it’s what we call a “no-see-um”.

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A photo or, at the very least, a description would be helpful.

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Thanks. I’m really trying to find a link I can use to upload the image. Any idea where is it?? I’m using the mobile site. Anyway, this ‘thing’ is black, really flat and broad, has a dried up skin with fish-like scales, really small…about an inche long. Has no legs and has a curved tail. Has one antenna. Anyone know how I can upload an image?

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If you post a photo on photobucket, and then copy the link to this site, we can see what you see.

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Possibly a stink bug or one of his cousins. I live in upstate NY and see a lot of them inside the house now. Your description of no legs, a curved tail and only one antenna doesn’t quite match. But the size, color and scales do.

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No legs and one antenna? Maybe you sat on the poor thing and now it will be harder to identify because it is maimed. lol
Fish scales, no legs, maybe a Silverfish?

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I don’t see an insect at all…

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It looks like it’s been squished, whatever it is.

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“Insect” seems to be right.

Do you have a better picture?

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Doesn’t even look like a bug to me…

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^^ How about a former bug?

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Old piece of duct tape? I recommend taking a photo before the squish next time.

It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-insect.

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Alev ha sholem (it was obviously a Jewish bug. Note the yarmulke, beard and peyes.)

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It looks like something the cat brought you.

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I agree with @filmfann- Something the cat dragged in or a cat hairball.

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