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Which language will my baby learn? he listen tv in english, but daddy and i talk to him in spanish?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 26th, 2008

will he be able to learn both languages?
i know in school he will, but at home…

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yes, he should be able to learn both languages. same scenario (but the 2nd language wasn’t spanish) for my cousins and they learned both languages just fine. the english will be reinforced in school and the spanish will be at home.

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You have the potential of having a multilingual baby, Congratulations!

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I learned both languages young. At home my parents spoke mostly arabic. Grandparents was only arabic, since they didn’t speak english very well. English was spoken every where else and at school. Arabic is my second language and I speak it fluently. As long as your son hears it and you continue to speak to him in spanish he will learn it. Don’t worry too much about english, because he will learn it in school. He is still young and will pick up the language quickly.

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If you encourage your kids to SPEAK in both languages, what they hear will be reinforced. Be careful about them mixing the languages when they speak, this can cause your children to confuse both languages.

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I would think he’d pick up on Spanish more, since he’s hearing it from his parents, but both. Be careful about not letting him watch too much tv though, especially at a young age.

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I think he’ll learn Spanish as his first language, if that’s the language his parents speak. But living in the US, he will also quickly learn English. What a gift.

I agree with @peter… about not letting the baby watch TV. It seems any TV before two years old is no good for them. After that, just a bit. Their brains are developing too fast to waste time with watching and not doing.

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My wife came here from Argentina when she was 2. Her family spoke to her in italian and Spanish. She learned English from Sesame Street and (later) from school. As an adult now, she reads, writes and speaks all three. But, here’s the rub – She’s always had opportunities outside of her family to use both Italian and Spanish (spent Summers in Italy, had jobs where Spanish was needed/helpful).

So it’s all about the application of the language learned.

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Babies soak up languages the way I soak up pistachios. Exposing them to multiple languages as children is a good thing, and will make learning more languages easier in later life. That said, one thing that you need to be prepared for is that in most children, hearing and processing multiple languages can delay the onset of speech by several months. This is not a bad thing, it’s just natural. If it seems like your baby ought to be starting to use words already and they’re not, don’t panic. Keep going with saturation exposure to as many languages as possible, and they’ll eventually start responding in all of them. Congratulations on your growing family!

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Lucky baby! You should encourage that he learn and become fluent in both (being able to write well in both will also be a big help). He will be all prepared for global life in the 21st century!

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Hopefully he will learn both fluently. Its important that he knows both fluently. English for school and social life, and Spanish so that he does not lose that bond with his family.

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